Four sports clubs in Ystradgynlais are potentially under threat, following a lease proposal by the owners of the Welfare Ground.

The playing grounds at the ground has seen many sports played there, such as football, rugby, cricket, bowls and tennis, as well as hosting the occasional carnival or festival.

However, the ground’s 100-year lease is about to end, with £100,000 needing to be raised to help protect the clubs who use the facilities.

A year ago, Michael Sheen hit out at the landowners demanding £100,000 to secure the future of the recreation ground.

A spokesperson from the Ystradgynlais Community Welfare Ground Association said: “Many of us have never really considered who owns the grounds, assuming that it is all owned and run by Ystradgynlais RFC or Powys Council, but this is not the case.

“In fact, the land was leased to the community for 100 years and that lease is about to expire.

“Behind the scenes volunteers have negotiated a new lease at the incredible rate of just £2,000 per annum, but there is one catch; the lease must be paid 50 years in advance.

“It will come as no surprise to learn that county or town councils are unable to fund this in the present climate, which leads to a stark conclusion.”

The Ystradgynlais community is aiming to raise £100,000 as quickly as possible, with more than £10,000 already raised.

Ystragynlais RFC, Ystradgynlais AFC, Ystradgynlais Bowls and the new Pickle Ball Club all risk losing the facility, as well as members of the community who regularly use it for walking, meeting and other activities.


The association spokesperson continued: “It is a daunting and ambitious task, but we believe that the people of Ystradgynlais can meet this challenge together.

“Please donate what you can to save our playing fields. We would warmly welcome fundraising events, sponsorship events and any and all opportunities that we know our vibrant and creative community can dream up to raise these desperately needed funds."

A public meeting is to be held on the community’s attempt to raise funds to save the ground, held at Ystradgynlais Welfare Hall on Wednesday, September 21.

You can read more about the fundraiser here