WREXHAM AFC's Hollywood owners have shared a sneak preview of the documentary set to reveal all about their takeover of the club.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have officially been in charge of the club since early 2021 and their takevover has boosted the club's profile to unprecedented levels and rejuvinated long-suffering supporters and the wider town.

From the early days of the take-over, announced during autumn 2020, is was known the North American pair would be filming a documentary detailing their entry into Welsh football.

Today the pair revealed teasers for the Welcome to Wrexham documentary which show plenty of behind the scenes footage from the club.

You can watch the sneak peek video here:

In it, we see the thoughts of loyal fans such as Wayne Jones of the Turf Pub and hear more from Ryan and Rob about the takeover.

'Welcome to Wrexham' will be available to watch fully from August 24 on Disney Plus and Hulu.