A 91-YEAR-OLD year-old Wrexham fan has reflected on the club and her experiences with it as she prepares for Wembley on May 22.

Flo Bithell has been a Wrexham fan for 72 years, and has gone to home matches since 1949.

She began attending the matches at the age of 19 with her brothers and still has a season ticket today.

“I just love it,” she explained. Ms Bithell has not missed many games, even going to away matches in her younger years.

“I don’t think I’ve missed many," she said. "I think the only time I ever missed them is when I had the children and I even stood in the Kop then when I was about six months pregnant.”


“I was 19 and I went away to work and when I came back my girlfriend that I used to go to school with, were all coupled up with boys, so my mother said to me ‘why don’t you go to the football with your brothers?’ so I went, and I enjoyed it and I kept on going.

“All through my married life I’ve gone, and I still go and I’ve got the same seat now in the new stand to when it first went up (in Old Mold Road).

“Before that, I was in the Yale stand, before that it was what they called the benches on the far corner, and before that, it was standing on the Kop.

“There was no segregation in the old days, you could walk around the Kop and you were mixed with the away fans as well so it was brilliant but it's just something that grows on you, it becomes a part of you.”

The National Wales: Flo BithellFlo Bithell

After a trying few years at the club, which saw the club in need of financial help, Ms Bithell finds the club's sudden take-off to be a welcome surprise.


She said: “It is exciting and it’s surprising how much its all grown because a couple of seasons ago we were struggling. We were members of the Supporters Trust and you put money in and you were begging for help and now all of a sudden it’s all there!

“It’s good. I think Rob and Ryan, they’re interested in the club and the people more so than the money side of it.”

Ms Bithell no longer gets to go to away matches due to issues with standing, though she said: “If I could go I would go no problem at all but I’d need a chauffeur!”

Ms Bithell is going to Wembley on May 22, however, and is hoping to see them come back with a trophy.

She explained: “I’m hoping, and they can do it because they’re good players and they can really do it but we’ve been so disappointed over the years (that) you’re hoping more than anything else.”


The idea of a promotion for the club is also exciting for Flo, who said that it would be ‘brilliant’ but she also wants to see the Racecourse being developed.

She explained: “It’s such a good ground and apart from that we used to see the Welsh games here at one time and European. They used to come here, Portugal and all those, so and that’s all gone but we do need to get the backing now and get the stadium back up to where it should be.

“You have to have a good side to do that to support the team.”

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