LEGENDARY Welsh wingers Ieuan Evans and Shane Williams are embarking on an epic Six Nations away trip in readiness for the start of this year’s tournament.

In the S4C series 6 Gwlad Shane ac Ieuan (Shane and Ieuan’s 6 Nations), Williams and his hero Evans will visit each of the Six Nations host cities – Cardiff, Rome, Paris, Edinburgh, London and Dublin.

There, they will go to each stadium, enjoy the cultural and culinary delights, and share a glass or two with other rugby legends, including Martin Castrogiovanni, Gerald Davies and Will Carling.

Across three episodes, we will hear their first-hand accounts of legendary away trips and give fans a tantalising taste of the world’s greatest international rugby tournament.

The National Wales:

But how will they get on together? Well, there is no lack of admiration for each other.

Williams said: "He was just a legend, and he still is a legend. It felt like every time someone scored for Wales, it was Ieuan Evans, and that’s what I remember.

“So to go on this journey with Ieuan, I’m very happy. It will be nice to see Europe with one of Wales’ greatest ever players."

Evans added: “Getting people off their seats, on their feet and screaming for more and more, that’s what Shane could do.

“During Shane’s 10 years with Wales, the players got bigger and bigger but Shane showed that size could not stop him from shining on the world stage and reach top of the game.

"I’m looking forward to going back to the places I’ve played and see the people I played against as well.

“It’s the friends and memories you make that stay with you – and the pain, of course!"

The National Wales:

Before flying out to Rome, the journey begins in Cardiff where they reminisce the slow match-day bus journey into the city centre and the awaiting red cauldron of Welsh support.

"The closer you get to the stadium, the more the nerves begin to kick in," said Williams.

"Whatever game it was, whether you’re playing for Wales or Amman United in Division Three West, the feeling is the same.

“Then when you arrive in the city and see the size of the stadium, and people everywhere – it’s like a zombie apocalypse!

“They’re all wearing their red shirts and daffodils and are ready for it.

Evans added: "We’re lucky aren’t we. This is the best place in the world to play rugby and the best place to watch rugby. It’s different, it’s unique, it’s special. It’s the best stadium in the world."

6 Gwlad Shane ac Ieuan is on S4C tonight at 9pm with English subtitles available.

It can also be viewed on demand via S4C Clic, iPlayer and other platforms.