RESIDENTS of a Gwent housing development have spoken out about the ordeal they've faced after building work near their homes abruptly stopped last year - leaving them living by an abandoned building site.

Building work on new social housing at the Glanffrwd development in Ebbw Vale began two years ago - but came to a sudden stop in July 2021 when contractors WRW Construction went into administration.

Residents in the area were left in the lurch, with street lights cut off, and just a black wooden fence - which blew down during Storm Eunice in February - separating their homes from the building site, filled with partly-built houses.

One resident, Gail, said: “Every time we look out our window it’s a dark cloud over us and a reminder of our dire living conditions.

“I look out to huge concrete and rusty parts. No-one who lives here could sell their house if they wanted too because no one would want to live like this.

“There are people who come under the fence at night and steal pipes.

“Yes, the firm went into administration but they haven’t tided anything up, the area used to be a lovely green.

“There are quite a few children around here and its not safe for them, they go under the fence and could get seriously injured.”

Greg Paulsen - who was until May's council election a ward councillor for the area - stepped in and was able to get temporary lighting fitted, but still only five of the 11 street lights in the area are working.

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Another resident, Ray Runner, said: “Pavement access was restricted to my property for 18 months; I can’t walk down the pavement with the state of it.

“I can only take my wife Sandra out in a wheelchair and this is horrendous with the state of the pavements and roads.”

The National Wales:

Tai Calon, which is managing the site, has told residents a new contractor will be appointed in September, with work to re-commence in October - three-and-a-half years after it first started.

But Mr Runner said he and his neighbours were unhappy with how it had taken this long.

“Why is it taking Tai Calon 10 months to get another firm in? The work was initially meant to be finished in May 2021," he said.

The houses around the development are a mixture of privately-owned and social housing.

The National Wales:

A spokesperson for Tai Calon said, due to "legal complexities around a business entering administration", they did not regain control of the site until January this year, but confirmed a new contractor is to be appointed in September.

“We share the residents' disappointment regarding how long it has taken to complete the new homes at Glanffrwd in Ebbw Vale," they said.

“We have contacted residents on many occasions before and after our contractor entered into administration.

“It has been hugely frustrating for everyone involved and we want nothing more than to complete the development as soon as possible."