TWO areas in Monmouthshire which had been part of the Welsh Government’s 20mph trial will revert back to 30mph, the council has confirmed.

Last month, the Senedd voted to bring in a new law that will cut speed limits from 30mph to 20mph on most residential roads across Wales from next September.

The government claims the lower speeds will improve road safety, but some Caldicot residents questioned these claims and called for the changes to be scrapped.

Monmouthshire County Council has confirmed proposals to change two areas on the B4245 – known as the Caldicot Bypass – back to a 30mph limit after “concerns have been received regarding the speed limit.”

The council set out plans for the B4245 to revert to 30mph at Caldicot from Woodstock Way to the Mitel roundabout – although a part-time 20mph limit would be in place during school start and finish times.

And the 20mph limit will also be removed from the Mitel roundabout to Portskewett, reverting to 30mph until just before the bridge over the old railway line.

Elsewhere on the B4245, the 20mph limit will remain in place in Magor and Undy, in Rogiet, and in Caldicot – between Longfellow Road and Woodstock Way.

The council has proposed the speed limit on the B4245 between Undy and Rogiet is lowered from 60mph to 40mph.

Between Rogiet and Caldicot, it is proposed that the B4245 remains at 40mph.

The National Wales: The 20mph limits in Caldicot have been criticised by residents.The 20mph limits in Caldicot have been criticised by residents.

“Following a meeting of the elected County Councillors for Severnside, changes are proposed to the speed limit on parts of the B4245,” said a Monmouthshire County Council spokesperson.

“The 20mph proposals form a key part of the Welsh Government’s policy for Road Safety and Active Travel by aiming to create a culture for slower speeds, reducing the number and severity of road casualties, supporting alternative travel modes such as walking and cycling by making the roads less intimidating to non-motorised vehicle users and benefitting physical and mental wellbeing.

“In the lead-up to this legislative change, the Welsh Government funded eight pilot 20mph zones around Wales to trial the first phase of implementation of the change, one of which is in Severnside.  

“Although there has been clear support for the 20mph on residential side streets, concerns have been received regarding the speed limit on the B4245. 

“Officers and County Councillors met to review the B4245 speed limit against the Welsh Government’s ‘place criteria’ and against the casualty and available speed data.

“The proposed changes seek to address some of the community concerns raised while balancing this with the benefits of reducing speed limits.”

A consultation on these proposals is being held across August, and the responses will be reviewed in the autumn.

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