A CHILD was rescued by a passing vessel after drifting out to sea on an inflatable raft off the coast of Flintshire. 

The ship's crew picked up a child on an inflatable raft over a mile off shore as record temperatures on Tuesday sent people to the coast.

Flint Coastguard Rescue Team said it was called to the incident shortly before 1pm and responded with colleagues from Rhyl Coastguard Rescue Team.

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A spokesperson for Flint Coastguard said: "The child had been rowing his boat off the beach at Talacre but soon hit difficulties as the weather changed, offshore winds and a more turbulent sea meant that he soon lost control of his raft and drifted further out, having lost his paddles he was completely at the mercy of the weather.

"We must give our heartfelt thanks to the Wind-farm Vessel ‘Gallows Point’ out of Mostyn who came across the child in his raft over a mile out to sea. They quickly recovered him and brought him back to Mostyn Docks where members of Flint Coasguard Team received the child, checked over his welfare and awaited the arrival of the parents from Talacre."

The National Wales:

An hour later, at 2pm, Flint Coastguard responded after an inflatable kayak was blowing off Talacre beach towards Liverpool Bay and the Wirral.

Flint Coastguard said: "Thankfully by the time we arrived, the adult had made it back to shore, although much further down from where he departed.


"We must urge caution, once again, about the use of inflatable toys and rafts. The winds and weather can change with no notice and you will find yourself blowing out to sea with little chance of getting back. We have countless occasions each summer of children and even adults, who have to be rescued after using these inflatables. So please, keep the inflatables in the swimming pool and respect the water."

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