One "major priority" that S4C has for the future is to "reflect Wales as a whole," according to the channel's Chief Executive.

Siân Doyle was giving evidence at a meeting of the Welsh Affairs Committee in the House of Commons yesterday (July 13).

She was asked about how S4C respects diversity.

Ruth Jones MP raised the issue that S4C has three new bursaries this year for students from a Black, Asian or minority ethnic background.

According to the channel's website, one is for sports broadcasting, and the other two – with the support of the Rondo and Media Atom production companies – are for acting.

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Ruth Jones referred to the fact that Siân Doyle and Rhodri Williams, Chairman of S4C, during the morning had spoken a lot about skills and the need to recruit and retain employees.

Jones said: “I understand that you have three bursaries coming this year with BAME students. Are you happy that you have the right balance and encouragement in place?”

Ms Doyle said: "I think we are doing quite a lot..." but she wanted to remind the committee that she has "only been chief executive of the channel for six months".

“I think there is more we can do in terms of creating a framework, " Ms Doyle said. "We talked earlier about bringing people into the industry at the lower level and (nurturing them to) grow ... "

But she had to "admit", said Ms Doyle, that: "In the six months I've been (in the job) I haven't quite come to that yet. We do a lot anyway ... (and) I would do a lot."

What is "important to us" says Ms Doyle then, is not only to create a framework, "but also the context of keeping the Welsh language as part of that framework. Because that enables people to train through the medium of Welsh as well as work through the medium of Welsh. But it will be something we look at in more detail".

Jones asked Rhodri Williams - Chairman of S4C - if he wanted to add something to that.

“No,” was his answer.

Geraint Davies MP wanted to know if "respecting diversity" also included disabled people?

Ms Doyle said, “Surely – one of our biggest priorities is that we reflect the whole of Wales today. I think there is a big requirement on us to do that. Surely."