A WELSH Conservative MP has been described as "not credible" when giving evidence at his trial related to an early hours car crash which demolished a telegraph pole.

Jamie Wallis was convicted of three offences, but cleared of driving without due care and attention, in relation to the early hours crash last November when he was wearing a “black leather mini-skirt” and “high heels”.

District Judge Tan Ikram dismissed the first charge against Wallis as he said the Crown had not proven the MP was driving without due care and attention when he crashed.

Neighbours who heard the crash went to see if Wallis was okay, but he collected his mobile phone from the Mercedes E-class saloon and quickly left the scene in Llanblethian, near Cowbridge, shortly after 1am on November 28 last year.

The MP told the court he was transgender, said he had swerved to avoid a cat and left the scene because he had become “overwhelmed” by his recently diagnosed PTSD and felt vulnerable in women’s clothing – having been raped the last time he wore such an outfit publicly.

Convicting Wallis of the other three charges, - failing to stop, failing to report a road traffic collision and leaving a vehicle in a dangerous position - Judge Ikram said: “I am going to be upfront: I didn’t find the defendant credible in the evidence he gave.

“When I watched him give evidence it seemed to me not only was he fitting his own behaviour around the behaviour of PTSD, and his actions on the night does not suggest he was overwhelmed and acting out of fear that night.

“Having PTSD is not a defence. What the prosecution have proved to me he was able to make decisions that night – he made bad decisions.

“I am sure he was not prevented through PTSD to giving details or particulars and report the accident soon after.

“He made a decision he didn’t want to be there and made a decision to ring his father.

“Through all of that period he could have rung 999 or 101 – he didn’t. I am sure he didn’t through a conscious choice, not through being overwhelmed or acting irrationally.”

The MP had crashed his Mercedes E-Class saloon into a lamppost near a house and left without notifying the emergency services, instead calling his father to collect him.

He told today's trial he left the scene of the crash because he had a “PTSD attack” and felt “vulnerable” and “as if I was going to be attacked again” having also outlined how he had been subjected to a rape in September 2021.

Wallis, who is estranged from his wife, described the alleged rape, which took place in London in September last year, as “profoundly distressing and I was traumatised” and left him with night-terrors, flashbacks and anxiety.

“I became obsessed with what happened, I kept thinking about it, having nightmares and flashbacks,” he said.

Wallis said he became so scared of being attacked again, he would lay traps in his own home to act as obstacles for any intruder.

But he added he was yet to make a formal complaint to the police.

When the accident happened in Church Road and he saw people approaching his car, it triggered his PTSD, so he left the scene to be “safe” as he feared he may be “assaulted or accosted, restrained or kidnapped”.

Residents Adrian Watson and Natalie Webb heard a “very loud bang, significantly louder than a domestic firework” and discovered the crashed car.

They asked whether Wallis was okay and then told him they were calling the police, at which point the MP started walking away, the court heard.

As they followed him, they saw him make two phone calls during which he told someone he was being “accosted”. He was then picked up by his father Daryl Wallis and driven home.

Police went to the Wallis family’s home and forced entry out of concern for the MP. Wallis was found in bed.

His consultant psychiatrist Dr Shubulade Smith confirmed she had diagnosed him with the psychiatric condition on November 23 – five days before the incident.

Wallis, 38, from Crossways House, Cowbridge, was convicted of failing to stop, failing to report a road traffic collision and leaving a vehicle in a dangerous position in relation to a late-night crash on Church Road, Llanblethian near Cowbridge on November 28 last year.

He is banned from driving for six months and has been fined £2,500 while MP was also ordered to pay additional costs of £620 and a victim surcharge of £190 within 14 days.

Passing sentence on the MP, the judge said he was concerned Wallis was still driving if his PTSD affected him in the way he described.

“That causes me some concern because you were driving a vehicle and were involved in an accident and you didn’t take the responsible course of action the law required you to take,” Judge Ikram said.


“It remains the fact you didn’t wait in the circumstances in which you could have been breathalysed at the scene or soon thereafter.

“I have considered necessity and proportionality and will be disqualifying you from driving for a period of six months.

“If you were to do so that would be a very serious offence for which you could be sentenced to prison.

“If your judgment is impaired, as your lawyer suggests, some may wonder why you are driving at all.”

As he left court, Wallis told reporters: “I don’t have any comments or statements to make at this time.”

The Conservative Party will not be taking further action against Jamie Wallis after he was disqualified from driving for six months.

A Whips Office spokeswoman said: “Jamie Wallis MP has been found guilty of various offences and it is right that he has been punished.

“We will not be taking any further action and will continue to provide welfare support.”

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