PUBLIC Health Wales are supporting calls to lower the default speed limit for residential in Wales to 20mph ahead of a vote in the Senedd on Tuesday, July 12.

A vote will take place after trials were held in various parts of Wales.

The current default speed limit is 30mph.

Ahead of the vote, Public Health Wales have said that they support the proposal to lower the speed limit.

In a statement, the health body said that lowering the speed limit will reduce the risk of traffic crashes and could help people feel safer to walk and cycle.

Other benefits mentioned by Public Health Wales include fewer vehicles on the road (meaning less environmental damage) and a boost to local businesses as people will not travel so far.

Journey times will not be greatly impacted in most places, as Public Health Wales have said that travelling at 20mph instead of 30mph will increase journey times by 17 seconds per mile in urban areas.

Dr Sarah J Jones, consultant in environmental public health at Public Health Wales, said: "Travelling at 20 mph has been shown to reduce the risk of crashing and the severity of crashes that do still happen.

"It also produces less noise pollution and reduces fuel consumption.

"It encourages people to walk and cycle, helping to fight obesity and improve mental well-being.

"All of these are likely to contribute to improvements in health and reduction in the demands for health services, which will help the NHS recovery from Covid."