A "MAJOR" cyber attack hit Torfaen's community meals service this week.

A letter was sent to service users explaining that the food supplier to the council for the community meals service "had suffered a major cyber attack which is having a major impact on [the council's] service."

The cyber attack on Apetito, which supplies frozen meals to Torfaen council, last weekend meant no stock was available to send.

A Torfaen County Borough Council spokesman said: "Over the weekend of June 25 and 26, the Apetito group has been a victim of a sophisticated criminal cyber-attack that has affected their IT systems and severely hampered their ability to operate in the short term.

"Apetito supply frozen meals which are regenerated by Torfaen community meals service and then delivered to our customers as a hot meal.

"We get a delivery on Mondays and Fridays but no stock has been available this week."

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The whole of Torfaen was affected by the incident, but there is no information on how many people were affected.

The council is instead providing either sandwiches or a 'pot luck' dinner.

The 'pot luck' meals are random meals that may not have been chosen from the menu.

It is not known how long the issue will go on for, but could continue beyond this weekend.

An alternative food supplier has been found so hot meals or sandwiches can be provided.

However, as the council will not be able to run their usual menu due to a lack of stock, 'pot luck' dinners will continue for the time being.