A PROPOSED UK Bill of Rights should include the right to self-determination, Plaid Cymru’s Westminster leader Liz Saville Roberts has told Dominic Raab. 

The deputy prime minister was standing in at prime minister’s questions when he was challenged over the proposed legislation and the latest row over Westminster encroaching on Welsh legislation. 

Saville Roberts told the Commons: “When he announced his Bill of Rights last week, the deputy prime minister said it will strengthen our UK tradition of freedom. Freedom. Shameless from the government whose contempt for the rule of law and devolution can be judged in equal measure. 

“They are scrapping Welsh law against our will, denying Scotland the right to choose their own future. That is not freedom. Will he prove me wrong by enshrining self-determination in his Bill of Rights?” 

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Earlier this week it was confirmed the UK Government intends to to repeal legislation passed by the Senedd, which outlaws replacing striking staff with agency workers, while it is also under pressure to agree to the Scottish Government’s request to hold an independence referendum. 

The deputy prime minister replied: “I think we have all heard actually across the benches today the case for reinforcing free speech, whether it’s the judge-made privacy laws or some of the way people are shouted down when they express legitimate opinions.” 

Dominic Raab said he thinks the people of Wales will want to join the rest of the UK in “making sure we can deport more foreign national offenders”. 

He added: “That is the reality for people in Wales and across the United Kingdom, and I think the Bill of Rights will be strengthening our tradition of freedom, but also curbing those abuses and making sure we inject a bit more common sense into the system.” 

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