THE default speed limit for residential roads could be lowered to 20mph across the whole of Wales if ministers win a vote next month.

The Welsh Government wants to slash the normal speed limit on the nation's restricted roads - which is currently 30mph - for "world-leading" safety reasons.

A number of trials are already under way across the country.

But there has been criticism with some drivers claiming they confusing and frustrating for some drivers. Some drivers have claimed the 20mph was "unworkable" and a "farce".

This week, ministers laid a draft law before the Senedd, oulining their plans to slow traffic down.

The proposed law will be put to a vote in the Welsh Parliament - where Mark Drakeford's government holds 30 of the 60 seats - on July 12.

The debate could also prove embarrassing for health minister Eluned Morgan who is due to be censured by the Senedd for having been banned from driving for a number of speeding offences. The most recent, which resulted in her driving ban and conviction, was for igonring a 30mph limit in Wrexham.

If the government wins the vote, the 20mph speed limit law will come into force in September 2023.

Julie James, the climate change minister, has described the government's plan as pioneering.


In a week when the government was criticised for its running of the "creaking" Welsh transport network, Ms James said ministers wanted to leave road-building behind and focus on "existing infrastructure to create new bus and cycle lanes that give people a viable and attractive alternative is what we champion".

She added: "[Earlier this week] we laid legislative changes to reduce the default speed limit on Welsh roads from 30mph to 20mph.

"This change will be world-leading. It will save lives, make our streets safer for playing, walking and cycling, and encourage the modal shift that we are seeking."

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