I LOVE bank holidays and community events as much as the next person, but that the reason behind our street parties should be an outdated non-democratic institution drove me to look for a way to celebrate our community, not because of the queen, but despite her. An anti-royalist picnic. 

At a time where prices of essential items and energy are rising, it adds insult to injury that a millionaire who addresses the nation in a diamond-encrusted hat and tells us to live within our means, is deemed worthy of praise and admiration.

Millions of our taxpayers’ money (as well as time and effort) has gone towards preparing for this jubilee.

Sure, the royal family brings income from attracting tourism to London. If I had a house like Buckingham Palace, I’m sure I could attract curious visitors and charge them thirty quid a pop for entry, but like many of my peers, of course I can’t afford to buy property. 

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As a supposedly apolitical figure, she has no place to affect our government, yet she has been shown to have the power to interfere with political processes.

If an elected official was caught meddling in democratic processes, they would face public outrage and serious consequences to their career, yet dear old Liz gets a party thrown in her honour. Who’s checking on our head of state’s behaviour? 

As a figure who represents our nation, the queen is the head of a monarchy steeped in imperialism.

A refusal to address this shows a lack of seriousness about making remediation for the ongoing effects of past harmful colonial actions by the country.

The National Wales: Is it right that an unelected figure has influence and vast wealth in a modern country?Is it right that an unelected figure has influence and vast wealth in a modern country?

Moving forward, we should ask ourselves if this is really the figurehead we want as we attempt to shift our stance as a nation to a fair international player and move away from corruption. 

Of course, it’s normal for any culture to find it difficult to part with traditions, and there are many which we enjoy relatively harmlessly.

I’m not against fish and chips, morris dancing, talking constantly about the weather or drinking excessive cups of tea - but the monarchy is a harmful tradition, and as with plenty of things which we used to do in the middle ages, we can choose to discontinue it.

The United Kingdom isn’t feeling very united in its opinion of the monarchy; here in Wales, it feels to many like a centrally governed state is adding salt to the wound by celebrating something irrelevant to our needs and culture. A YouGov poll showed that 56 per cent of people in the UK do not even plan to celebrate the jubilee. 

So, please do go to your street parties and enjoy your neighbours’ company, but if you share my belly-ache at raising a glass to queen and country, and are in the general Cardiff area, there’s still plenty of time to pop by the Anti-royalist picnic in Bute Park on Sunday June 5 from midday onwards, and raise a glass to us all instead.


If you’re anti-royalist, undecided, or even if you love the royal family and simply want to meet some neighbours of different opinion, come along!

This is a family-friendly event, and an opportunity to come together as a community and have a lovely time.

For those who are against the monarchy, or not really sure why the hell we have one anymore, this is a chance to take a look around and realise that we’re not alone.

Bring your own food, drinks, games, bunting and banners, and let’s have a good time.

'Phoebe' is one of the organisers of the Anti-royalist picnic

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