Flintshire residents are preparing to object to what has been branded a "ridiculous monstrosity."

The Welsh Government earlier this year submitted a planning application for the installation of three barriers on the A494 between the Queensferry Interchange Junction and St David’s Park Interchange Junction.

According to the Welsh Government, the nine metre high barriers are proposed to compliment the already established 50mph speed limit to further reduce people's exposure to air pollution in the area.

It has been confirmed a consultation period will follow the submission of official plans - and residents are ready to have their say.

A public Facebook group named "SAY NO TO THE 9M FENCE" has attracted almost 450 members.

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Concerns raised include a loss of light for nearby properties and the aesthetic impact on the area.

Questions have also been raised about the effectiveness of such a scheme, and the need for one in Flintshire.

The group has created a poster - which others are being encouraged to print and display "anywhere you can."

The National Wales: An example of an air quality barrierAn example of an air quality barrier

It states the group's name and hashtags including #AstonSaysNo #PeoplePower, and #A494RightToLight - which refers to an easement that gives a landowner the right to receive light through defined apertures in buildings on his or her land.

Katie Brown posted in the group: "This is ridiculous! It makes me angry - we haven't asked for this and we don't want it."

Aston Councillor Helen Brown urged Facebook users to keep sharing the messages - posting: "We will fight this all the way.

"Get ready for the consultation.

"We will have every reason to object and will stop at nothing."

Michele Bowkett posted: "What are they thinking about? I've never heard anything so crazy in my life."

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Julie Foulkes posted: "It's ridiculous - I think walking behind that monstrosity I'd feel unsafe [and] closed in.

"It's a horrible idea."

Margaret Redfern posted: "Who thought of this ridiculous idea?

"Where is the money coming from? If they have that much money to throw away, help out those in need in the current climate."

A Welsh Government spokesman said: “Plans for the environmental barriers are currently at an early stage. 

"A consultation period will begin in the coming weeks following the application for planning to the local authority.”