Pride, a film which depicts the bond formed between south Wales mining communities and LGBT activists during the bitter 1984 miners strike, is to be screened at a long-running film festival.

The 2014 film, which tells the real life tale of gay activists in London who decided to fundraise for striking miners in south Wales, is one of a number of open air screenings in this year’s Purbeck Film Festival, across the border in Dorset.

The festival, which has been running for more than a quarter of a century, is from October 14-29, with more than 70 films at over 30 venues across Purbeck.

In Pride, former Swansea East Labour MP Sian James is depicted by actress Jessica Gunning as one of the most passionate supporters of the lesbian and gay activist group’s efforts.

Ms James, who was a housewife married to a miner in the Swansea Valley when the strike began, started by volunteering to help other mining families, eventually helping feed 1,000 families a week across the Welsh valleys.

She said: “The Pride movie told the story of a very special relationship, one between two unlikely groups - the first a group of young gay and lesbian activists from London, and the other, ordinary working-class people from the mining communities of the Neath, Dulais and Upper Swansea Valleys.

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“It celebrates the unique connection that has been forged between those two communities, both facing the power of an oppressive Conservative government, determined to destroy us because we are different.

“We were fighting to maintain our mines, our jobs and our future - they were fighting for fairness and equality.”

The bond was forged during the era of Section 28 - echoed in the "Don't Say Gay" legislation currently being passed in the United States - which prohibited local councils from "promoting" homosexuality, amid widespread scaremongering that children were being influenced into being gay.

It also came as the AIDS pandemic devastated the LGBTQ community. Mark Ashton, the young communist and gay rights activist that founded Lesbians and Gays Support The Miners - played by actor Ben Schnetzer in Pride - died from AIDS at just 26 years old. 

The National Union of Mineworkers, along with other trade unions, later joined LGBT activists campaigning against Section 28.

Additional reporting: Rebecca Wilks

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