A WREXHAM man who kept calves in "appalling" conditions has had his bid to be allowed to keep animals refused.

Derek Lee Adamson, of Pont Wen, was received 48 weeks in jail during his sentencing at Wrexham Magistrates Court in March.

The 40-year-old was found guilty of numerous charges, including three of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal as well as several others.

As part of his sentence, he was handed a 20 year ban on keeping animals, as well as costs of £2,334.

But at a hearing at Mold Crown Court on Friday Adamson, who attended via video link from HMP Berwyn, appealed the ban - as well as the costs order.

Rebecca Wright, prosecuting for Wrexham Council, said that in 2007 Adamson received a ten year ban for omission resulting in animal suffering.

That elapsed without breaches, she said, but the council continued to be "heavily involved" with Adamson after 2017.

In June 2020, the authority seized sheep from a piece of land he rented in Wrexham after concerns about them.

The in March 2021, he bought six calves from a livestock market.

They were £4 each and were three weeks old when they were purchased.

Ms Wright said animal welfare officers attended the site where Adamson kept his animals to check on an older calf he'd already taken on after concerns it was spotted with a bloated stomach.

While there, the officers noticed a livestock trailer in a field.

It had the six calves locked inside it with no access to water or feed. Despite that, they appeared bright and alert.

Adamson was written to by the council and he had been asked to make sure there was adequate water and feed, and to remove hazardous rubble and metal from the site.

A council animal welfare officer returned to the site ten days later with a vet to check on the calves.

The rubble was still there and one of the calves had died.

Two were in a serious condition - one lying "barely alive" in the muck-filled trailer, and the other trapped between the trailer and a hedge.

Both were unable to stand and were beyond treatment, so were euthanised.

Three of the calves did survive, but were thin and "clearly hungry."

They were taken by the council.

Ms Wright told the court Adamson has 119 previous offences on his criminal record, adding: "The Council says a 20 year disqualification is appropriate in this case, given the level of suffering.

"The vet used to work in an abattoir, and she said the scene in the trailer was 'shocking'.

The National Wales: Derek Adamson. Image: North Wales PoliceDerek Adamson. Image: North Wales Police

"Looking at the offending history, this is a man who does not adhere to the law and there is no guarantee at all that he will adhere to animal regulations."

Andrew Green, acting on behalf of the appellant,  said: "This is a very long and bad record.

"I don't for one minute underestimate the seriousness.

"I recognise the court is not just sceptical, but concerned about his ability to care for animals."

Mr Green said the ban would last until his client is 60, when he will be significantly physically less able to do the work he does.

He added: "He's a very unsophisticated man and has spent his whole life labouring outdoors.

"That's the only life he knows and when he leaves prison he will go back to that life in some form or another. In reality, it is the only life he knows.

"I recognise he needs to suffer a ban - I ask the court to temper the sentence that has been passed."

Judge Niclas Parry said: "If Mr Adamson didn't deliberately cause cruelty to these animals, he's not capable of looking after them.

"It's clear from the facts of the case that he doesn't have the basic knowledge that animals need water, food, a dry lying area.

"They need ground that's not dangerous because of rubble and metal.

"The animals were found in such a condition, they were beyond treatment.


"There are two worrying aspects; despite advice given by an authority that tried to help, nothing improved.

"And this is the second time Mr Adamson has been prosecuted for similar matters.

"Last time he was disqualified for ten years from keeping animals. That would have expired in 2017 and within four years these appalling facts were emerging."

The 20 year ban aspect of the appeal was refused.

However the appeal in relation to costs was allowed - with the Judge adding: "It is inappropriate to order a man who has no income, and who is imprisoned, to pay costs, let alone in excess of £2,000."

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