INDEPENDENCE campaign group Yes Cymru is looking to recruit a £30,000 a year social media manager. 

The group says it wants an individual, who will “need to be passionate about independence and the aims of Yes Cymru”, to develop its presence across social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube. 

The postholder will be expected to grow the group’s membership “through positive social media engagement” among a number of responsibilities that also includes producing content includin videos. 

The group has been troubled by in-fighting which led to the collective resignation of its central committee in August last year amid a row over the political direction of the organisation, with regional groups forcing an extraordinary general meeting. 

In September last year its former chair, Sion Jobbins who quit before the mass resignation of the central committee, told S4C’s Y Byd yn ei Le programme, he felt he had “failed” to strengthen the organisation to deal with a growth in membership and the potential for disputes, many of which were played out on social media. 

The group’s membership swelled during 2020, from around 2,000 at the start of the pandemic in March to a reported 18,000 by March 2021 as differences in approaches to the public health emergency highlighted tensions between Wales and Westminster. In December it was revealed the group had lost nearly 10,000 members

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Social media was seen as one of the catalysts of the group’s growth but in February last year it deleted a video, shared to its social media channels, depicting Wales as a female singer, dressed in stockings, and dancing provocatively towards England while asking to be “set free”. 

Titled ‘Indy Feels’ the video was widely criticised, and ridiculed, on social media while in January this year it deleted a tweet commemorating the birth of former prime minister David Lloyd George. 

It had faced a backlash due to the Welshman's role in the partition of Ireland and as its social media content had avoided contemporary political issues. 

Last year the group agreed social media guidance which advised members, and those posting on behalf of Yes Cymru accounts, to “Stay clear of any issues that are not directly related to the campaign for independence, issues that may cause disagreement between supporters of independence”. 

It cited membership of the European Union, the monarchy, socialism and capitalism and nuclear powers as “issues that may cause arguments between independence supporters” and which should therefore be avoided. 


On immigration the guidelines state: “this is at best a controversial subject, and certainly not one that YesCymru should be expressing an opinion on." 

It advises members to say such issues could be determined by the government of an independent Wales. 

Following the resignation of the central committee the group was run by an outside company, accountants Azets and its social media and advertising was run during 2021/22 by creative firm Bak. 

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