I wish I could bottle the unwavering confidence some men have the ability to hold in their own opinion, despite the subject matter being irrelevant to their own existence and – even more impressively – despite the fact that they have not gone out of their way at all to educate themselves on the topic.

Not all men, obviously. Some of my best friends are men. And before any of you start tweeting that I’m a misandrist, my cousin’s actually married to a man…so, how could I be?

Joking aside, I do mean a very specific group of men. In fact, I mean one man…the man who saw me minding my own business reading a newspaper in Caernarfon harbour and took it upon himself to start telling me that “the Americans have it right”, before launching into a completely unsolicited lecture about how women need to realise that “sex comes with consequences”.

At not one point had I asked for his opinion. In fact, at not one point had I invited him to come sit on the same bench as me when there were at least six empty ones. But I guess I should just be grateful he wasn’t a flasher.

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I considered explaining to him that banning abortions is nothing more than a patriarchal move to control women and has nothing to do with morality or values. That if men could get pregnant, abortions would be available in a Tesco Express. However, had I explained this to him, I would have ended up prolonging this unbidden conversation when, in reality, I just wanted to get back to my hotel room where there was a Tupperware of pesto pasta waiting for me.

The news story my bigoted bench-sharer was of course referring to was the leaked document, as published by Politico, that suggests that the US Supreme Court is poised to overturn the landmark case of Roe v Wade 1973 which saw the nationwide legalisation of abortion.

If it is overturned, individual states will have the discretion to ban abortion should they wish. Thirteen states have already passed ‘trigger laws’, thus automatically banning abortion immediately after Roe is overturned. Thirty-six million women stand to lose their right to an abortion, including children who have been raped.

In those states already gearing up for an abortion ban, an eleven-year-old child would be forced to carry out a full term pregnancy. An eleven-year-old child.

If a woman is raped and she aborts the pregnancy, she will be incarcerated for longer than her rapist. So pardon me if I don’t feel as though this is some restoration of ‘good old family values’. This is, simply, a war on women.

A common defence of the ban, spewed by the so-called ‘pro lifers’ (who don’t give a damn about a life once it is born and female), is that open access to abortions leads to women getting them willy-nilly as a form of contraception. They would have you believe that in countries where abortions are accessible, swathes of women are swapping their cocktail nights and bottomless brunches for a girls’ night in at the abortion clinic where they’ll proffer a loyalty card to the receptionist in the hope of getting their tenth one for free. Who are these women? Because I don’t know them.


Even the naked figures do not expose women in less misogynistic countries to be serial abortionists in the way the American conservatives are eager for us to believe. In the United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland) over the last five years an average of 1.6% of women have had an abortion.

So no, we’re not all unconcernedly skipping the pill when we feel like it because we know we can just skip on down to the clinic later.

Other arguments against women accessing safe abortions include that it goes against the Bible. Well, the Bible also prohibits mixing meat with dairy products (Exodus 23:19) so the mighty cheese burger – a firm favourite with Americans – should not be allowed. Are the Republicans going to dismount their high horse to shut down Five Guys?

The National Wales:

The Bible also prohibits performing any work on the Sabbath (Exodus 20:10), but America seems positively exuberant when The Super Bowl takes to the world stage every year on a Sunday. Why is the Supreme Court not waving their beloved Bible at Dr Dre and the Los Angeles Rams telling them to go home because they can't work on a Sunday?

The Bible also condemns the wearing of clothing woven from more than one type of cloth (Leviticus 19:19) but unless you’re Britney and Justin rocking the 2001 AMA’s red carpet in denim-on-denim-on-denim-on-denim, the great majority of us are contravening this particular Biblical rule multiple times per day.

So why then, when Americans care not for the majority of the Bible’s commandments, do the Republicans choose the prohibiting of abortion as the rule they would like to impose with such verve and commitment? Because it is anti-women. It is that simple.

Nothing scares an institution which has misogyny ingrained in its fringes more than women having unhindered autonomy.

While the Supreme Court’s propensity to withdraw women’s rights is somewhat of a trope in America, I feel it would be a little bit less infuriating if these so-called “pro-life” campaigners were more sincere as to their genuine cause. If they wore their hearts on their sleeves and admitted that they are in fact anti women’s equality, then a more honest debate could be had by all. But instead, they veil their deep-seated misogyny with a flurry of disingenuous arguments about human life and the Bible which are, as arguments go, flawed beyond salvation.

No imperious law on abortion will ever stop women from seeking abortions. It will simply stop them receiving safe abortions. That is the reality.

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