OWAIN Glyndwr’s running battles with the English crown are to feature in a book to be given to primary school children as a keepsake to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. 

The book has previously been at the centre of controversy over claims the Welsh Government were blocking children in Wales from receiving the UK Government funded publication. 

Details of the book have now been released including that it is intended to help children understand how the four nations came together as the United Kingdom. 

That will including details of what has been described as Owain Glyndwr’s “rebellion” against the English in 1400 to “take the title of ‘Prince of Wales”. 

It will also focus on events during the 70 year period of the current Queen’s reign. 

Famous quotes from the Queen, along with details about the lives of significant figures from Commonwealth countries, such as former South African President Nelson Mandela, are to feature in the book. 

It is to be handed out to children in state-funded primary schools across the United Kingdom, the Department of Education at Westminster said. 

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The Welsh Government has said schools here will need to opt in to receiving the book, rather than copies being automatically sent out to them. 

That led to claims from the Welsh Conservatives the Welsh Government were being 'spiteful', despite it having sent to schools information on how they could order the book from the Westminster Department of Education. 

The Scottish Government also followed Wales in deciding schools should opt-in. 

Facts on the coronation ceremony, information about notable kings and queens and a timeline of Queen Elizabeth II’s life will feature in the book aimed at “celebrating and showcasing the Queen’s incredible living legacy”, according to Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi. 

Created with the help of royal experts and historians, The Queen Elizabeth: A Platinum Jubilee Celebration will allow children to trace what are described as highlights of the royal reign through a story featuring a young girl called Isabella. 

She is told all about the Queen and this year’s Jubilee during a visit to her Great Granny Joyce’s house. 

The illustrated reference book is being made available from mid-May and children can personalise their own copies. 

A page in the book reads: “During [the Queen’s] reign, the world has changed in so many ways… (this book) will help you understand the amazing life and times of our Queen and the magic of the unique, unshakable bond she shares with the people she serves.” 

Mr Zahawi said: “Queen Elizabeth II is the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee and Her Majesty’s dignity, commitment and grace continues to inspire people all over the world. 


“Millions of children will soon receive their own commemorative Jubilee book, celebrating and showcasing the Queen’s incredible living legacy. 

“I hope all our pupils are as excited as I am to read about Her Majesty’s amazing life and the people and events that have shaped history during the last 70 years.” 

The book, which can also be bought privately from June 23, will be delivered in September to schools in Scotland and Wales who have opted-in to receive copies. 

The book is also part of the National Literacy Trust’s Platinum Jubilee Royal Reading Challenge. 

A concert, street parties and an extra bank holiday for the Jubilee weekend itself from June 2 to 5 are among a series of events which are being held to help celebrate the landmark royal occasion. 

Additional reporting: Helen William, PA

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