IT is being reported Welsh health minister Eluned Morgan will be found to have broken the Senedd's code of conduct due to her driving ban.

The Labour minister was banned from driving, in March, for six months for accumulating too many points on her licence due to repeated speeding offences.

The Mid and West Wales MS, who had pleaded guilty to exceeding the 30mph limit on the A525 road in Wrexham in June last year, said in a statement at the time of her ban in March: “This is not something I am proud of, and I apologise unreservedly.”

The Senedd's standards commissioner, Douglas Bain, has yet to publish his report but BBC Wales is reporting it has seen it and that it says Morgan set a "very poor example" and demonstrated a disregard for the law.

The minister has, according to the BBC, said she cannot comment while first minister Mark Drakeford told the broadcaster he couldn't comment as he has yet to see the report but considers the matter closed.

The Welsh Labour leader said: "I have dealt with it under the ministerial code and the matter is closed."

He said his health minister had taken responsibility but he rejected comparisons with his own comments, in relation to prime minister Boris Johnson's fine for a attending a party during lockdown, that "law makers cannot be law breakers."

The BBC quoted the first minister as saying: "She didn't make the law that she has broken. She admitted it, immediately. She has been dealt with by the courts.

"There is no moral equivalence [with] the prime minister in making laws himself that he went on to break, denying that he broke them, provoked a long and expensive police investigation to reveal the fact that he had himself had indeed broke the laws that he had made."

The Welsh Government plans to introduce legislation in 2023 which will reduce the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph on restricted roads across Wales.

According to the code of conduct members must always conduct themselves in a way that will not undermine the public's trust and confidence in the Senedd.

The findings have not been published and still have to be considered by members of the standards committee of the Senedd, who have to decide if they agree with the commissioner and whether to recommend disciplinary action.




Morgan, who also apologised to the first minister and the Senedd's presiding officer Elin Jones, could also appeal.

A spokesperson for the Office of the Senedd Commissioner for Standards told the BBC: "The law prohibits the commissioner from admitting or denying that a complaint has been received and from making any comments in relation to any complaint that has been submitted."

The Conservatives had said Morgan has failed to live up to her own statement that politicians should lead by example and Plaid Cymru has called for her to refer herself for investigation under the ministerial code.

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