This year's Earth Day on Friday April 22 continues its annual attempt to unify nations around the globe by standing up to face the environmental plight of the planet. 

The day offers citizens around the world a chance to properly reflect and focus on the many challenges facing the Earth, from the environment and the problems of plastic pollution, to the advancing of the role of women in an evolving green economy.

Aside the problems faced by the Earth, the day also offers the chance to appreciate what our planet has to offer, with an estimated one billion people around the world taking part in a celebration of the many wonders which humankind now strives to protect for future generations. 

However, as part of educating the world as well, there's also the acknowledgement that there is also plenty of work to be done.

The original roots of Earth Day arose from a oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara, California in 1969, and the subsequent damage caused to plant and marine life. 

By 1990, Earth Day had grown in stature to become an international campaign.

Every year, Earth Day has a headline topic and for 2022 the the main theme is "Invest in Our Planet" which hopes to encourage businesses and governments to invest in technology and environmentally-friendly working practices that can benefit the Earth.

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