THE heartbroken parents of Jade ward have spoken of the lasting impact their daughter's murder has had on their family and the crucial support they received from the community.

Earlier this week, Russell Marsh - aged 29 and of Chevrons Road in Shotton - received a life sentence for murdering his estranged wife, Jade Ward.

Jade's parents spoke to our sister title, the Leader, about the heart-wrenching moment they were informed their daughter had been killed and the turmoil they and their relatives have endured in the months following, while Marsh continued to protest his innocence.

Paul Ward, 55, said: "My phone was on silent on August 26 [2021].

"I looked at it and I had 27 missed calls and about 40 messages. I just thought what's going on?

The National Wales: Paul Ward. Image: Simon WarburtonPaul Ward. Image: Simon Warburton

"The next thing I know I'm on my way to Deeside - I thought there'd been a little accident  - but when I pulled up to Jade's house, I saw the police and the tent.

"Someone came up and said; Jade's been killed by Russell, and everything went into slow motion.

"I think I hit the floor, I don't remember anything after that.

"I went to the morgue three days later, and she was just lying there. I think I remember banging on the glass, trying to get in and telling her to wake up. But she wasn't going to wake up.

"I drove back there in the middle of the night and slept at the side of the morgue for two nights because she was by herself there.


The National Wales: Jade WardJade Ward

"It was terrible, I don't remember anything about the funeral - it's just a blank and it's been like that ever since.

"Her final moments will haunt me forever - knowing what happened to her.

"She must have been terrified, thinking about her boys.

"They came up to the cemetery on Mother's day, and they were picking daisies for her and saying how much they 'missed mummy'.

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"It's horrible - it's just so sad.

"She didn't deserve to die at all. He didn't have to kill her."

Karen Robinson, 51, said the sentencing of Marsh hadn't delivered any sense of closure for the family.

The National Wales: Karen Robinson delivers a statement outside Mold Crown Court. Image: Rick MatthewsKaren Robinson delivers a statement outside Mold Crown Court. Image: Rick Matthews

"Yes, we know he did it," she said.

"And we know how he did it. But I don't know my daughter's last minutes - I don't know what she said.

"People have said you must be so happy (regarding the conclusion of the trial), but how can we be?

"At the end of the day those four boys have lost both of their parents - nothing is ever going to bring their mum back.

"We're all still dazed."

She added her thanks to the community - particularly for maintaining a memorial which has been set up to Jade in Chevrons Road.

The National Wales: The memorial in Chevrons Road. Image: Simon WarburtonThe memorial in Chevrons Road. Image: Simon Warburton

"The community has been amazing," she added.

"Without their love and strength and support I really don't know how we would have got through this.

"We've had messages from people we don't know who are devastated and it does help a lot.

"But on the flip side that's when you realise just how special jade was - it's bittersweet.

"Her little garden down in Chevrons Road; not one person has touched anything, not even a candle.

"Everything that people have put there has stayed there, so I want to say from the bottom of my broken heart, and from my family's broken heart, a massive thank you to the community for being so respectful and dignified.

"They have been amazing."

The National Wales: Mr Ward at Jade's graveMr Ward at Jade's grave

Mr Ward, a rock musician, said to process his feelings he wrote and recorded a song for his daughter, which he played for her.

He said: "I go to the cemetery every single day - four or five times a day.

"I go up and talk to her and I wrote the song because it's how I can put it into words.

"I wrote it six months ago, but I've only got the vocals on it now because it upset me that much trying to sing it.

"I got it down in the end."

Tragically, just weeks after Jade's death, Mr Ward lost his mother - 87-year-old Lucy Elizabeth Ward, who lived at Willowdale Nursing Home in Buckley, and was Jade's "hero."