FORMER Scottish first minister Alex Salmond has called for Scotland’s campaign for independence to be detached from the Scottish Government.

The Alba Party leader was speaking at a cross-party Indy X event in Dunfermline that also featured speakers including SNP MP Douglas Chapman and Common Weal founder Robin McAlpine.

Chapman used the event to say that Scotland could declare independence with a majority of Yes MPs being elected to Westminster.

Speaking at the event, in comments reported by The Herald, Salmond said: “Perhaps it's because we're no longer in the first flush of administration, but we're no longer in a position where most people – fair mindedly – would say that every action of the Scottish Government is reflecting competence.

The National Wales:

“We have to avoid the independence case being totally associated now with the Scottish Government, because a lot of people are going to get very annoyed about a whole variety of things, whether it be ferries or many other things.

“It's really important that the cause of independence doesn't get totally assimilated into the daily weekly woes of government.”


Saying that the path to independence would involve "peaceful but direct action, civil demonstration, and preparing a legal case”, he added: “Committing yourself to a Section 30 referendum as a gold standard with nothing behind it, it's ridiculous. All a Section 30 referendum is, is an agreed legitimacy of a democratic test.”

Dunfermline SNP MP Chapman urged a Plan B for Scottish independence – if indyref2 is not held in 2023.

The National Wales: Douglas Chapman, SNP MP for Dunfermline and West Fife

With the UK Government set to launch a legal battle in opposition to Scotland’s democratic right to a fresh vote, he called for candidates, if necessary, to stand for Westminster in 2024 on an explicit manifesto commitment triggering a path to independence.

Chapman said: “The main thing is that [if] the Scottish Government put forward for a referendum then it will immediately be taken to court by the English government. And you know, we'll be in a stalemate position for years arguing the toss in the courts the length and breadth of the country.

“I think the other thing as well, if it does go to court, then we're not sure of getting an unbiased view from a set of judges.”

Chapman also urged Yessers to work together and avoid online abuse.

He said: “Things like respect and how we value other people in an independent movement, irrespective of the party or group, we need to find ways to work together.

“You know, it's quite heartbreaking for me to see a lot of people I've known for decades, ripping shreds off each other on social media, Twitter and Facebook and so on.

“There's no point in knocking seven bells out of the Scottish Government.

“In reality, the Scottish Government are not the enemy – the enemy are the people who are sitting in Westminster.”

The Moving Forward –  a Scottish Independence informational gathering was organised by Indy X – Fife.

The organisers said: "Indy X is an independently organised – one-time event –  advancing the case for Scottish Independence. Our panel have come to present their latest thinking and help move forward the cause.

"Indy X is not an organisation. Indy X is an idea.

"If you like this idea, take it, remix it, run with it."

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