Plaid Cymru members are set to vote on a motion to increase the size of the Senedd at the party’s conference in Cardiff.

The motion would enable senior party figures to negotiate with Welsh Labour on agreeing a final number of Senedd Members and overhauling the Welsh electoral system.

It follows a decision by delegates at the recent Welsh Labour conference in Llandudno who backed similar moves.

It would be a shift towards a vote in the Senedd to increase the number of members from 60. 

Any change in the number of Senedd members and the voting system has to be backed by a so-called ‘super-majority’, which is at least two-thirds of the Senedd.

Combined, Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru have the necessary majority. Increasing the size of the Senedd is also one of the commitments which is included in the co-operation agreement between the two parties.

It is expected that negotiations will now begin which will be aimed at deciding upon the exact numbers of Senedd Members, as well as the preferred electoral system.

The Scottish Parliament holds 129 seats, while the Northern Ireland Assembly has 90. 

The Welsh Conservatives are opposed to any increase in the amount of Senedd members. 

Earlier, the leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies, tweeted that Wales needed "more doctors, more nurses, more teachers". He added that Wales didn't need more Senedd Members. 

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