Ministers are today, Thursday March 24, reviewing coronavirus restrictions in Wales - but two measures have already been extended.

The remaining Covid measures – including wearing face coverings in shops, healthcare settings and on public transport, and legal restrictions on self-isolation – could be removed from Monday, March 28.

Any changes in regulations are expected to be announced tomorrow, Friday March 25.

However, ahead of this review, two Covid measures have already been extended for a further six months.

The first is protections for Covid-affected businesses against eviction in the event of non-payment of rent, which was due to expire on Friday, March 25.

“The moratorium was introduced to limit the significant impact on businesses from the series of interventions and restrictions that have been imposed on the Welsh economy throughout the pandemic,” said a Welsh Government spokesperson.

“These provisions were included as an intervention to address the issues – particularly cash-flow.

“This has provided protection for relevant business tenants whilst also providing time for the Welsh Government to engage with the UK Government in the development of the Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill.

“This Bill is currently progressing through the UK Parliament and is expected to provide continued protection for business tenancies falling in scope of the Bill, whilst also providing for a bespoke arbitration regime in certain circumstances.”

The second measure to be extended by six months is the temporary continuity for education and training and childcare.

These powers mean the Welsh Government can issue temporary instructions to local authorities, schools, and registered childcare providers, for them to provide education, training or childcare services for a specific period of time.

It also gives ministers the power to remove certain statutory education or childcare requirements for a period of one month – should there be a large outbreak of coronavirus.

“This is very much a contingency measure – we are not planning or expecting to use this provision in the six-month extension window unless necessary,” said a Welsh Government spokesperson.