Drivers will face tougher rules from March when it comes to the use of mobile phones and other devices behind the wheel.

Under previous rules, drivers were still allowed to operate their mobile phone to take a picture or even a video, but after a review of regulations, such actions will be unlawful as of Friday, March 25.

Edmund King, AA President said "The AA has long campaigned to toughen up these rules and we welcome this announcement.  This is a much needed upgrade of the law to help make our roads safer"

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It is currently illegal to send texts or make a phone call, (other then in an emergency situation), from a hand-held device when behind the wheel, but the new rules forbid taking a picture, recording a video, and playing a game. 

The sweeping changes also deal with those sat in traffic or waiting at traffic lights, with scrolling through music playlists also banned, along with viewing notifications, or simply just checking to see what time it is. 

The law also includes anyone caught unlocking their device or causing the screen to illuminate. Edmund King added ".... being sat in a traffic jam or waiting at the lights is not an excuse, we want people to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road"

The legislation was laid before Parliament on Tuesday with the March 25 date confirmed.

Anyone caught using their hand-held device while driving will face a £200 fixed penalty notice and six points on their licence.

When the Government unveiled the new rules in November, analysis showed that 17 people were killed on Britain’s roads the previous year in crashes involving drivers distracted by mobile phones.

Department for Transport figures showed a further 114 people were seriously injured and 385 were slightly injured in such collisions.

More than one in six of those killed or seriously injured were either a pedestrian or a cyclist, highlighting the threat posed to vulnerable road users from drivers preoccupied by phones.

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