Boris Johnson faced a grilling during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons today.

It came as the police have launched their own probe into multiple events in No 10 after being passed information from the Gray inquiry. Some Conservative MPs have publicly called for Mr Johnson’s resignation, but others have said they will await the publication of the Gray report before trying to trigger a vote of no confidence.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick said investigations into historic allegations of Covid regulation flouting were carried out in cases of the “most serious and flagrant” breaches, and when it was considered those involved “ought to have known that what they were doing was an offence”.

The National Wales: UK Labour leader, Keir StarmerUK Labour leader, Keir Starmer

In his first question to Boris Johnson, Labour leader Keir Starmer said: "The ministerial code says that ministers who knowingly mislead parliament will be expected to offer their resignation. Does it imply to him?"

The prime minister responded: "Of course, but it is a question about an investigation on which I can't comment.

"I am focused on delivering the fastest recovery of any European economy on Covid, and the fastest booster rollout."

Mr Starmer said: "On December 1, he told the House that all guidelines were followed.

"On December 8 he said he had been repeatedly assured there was no party.

"Since he acknowledges the code applies to him, will he resign?"

Mr Johnson said: "No. He has been relentlessly opportunistic throughout. He has flip flopped from one side to the other, he would have kept us in lockdown at the summer, and would have taken us back into lockdown at Christmas."

The Labour leader hit back: "Let me spell out the significance of yesterday's developments.

"Sue Gray went to the police having found evidence of behaviour that is potentially a criminal offence. If you do not understand the significance, I do despair.

"The police tested whether it was a serious and flagrant breach of the rules, the police decided on the material that they already have, that there was little ambiguity around the absence of any defence.

"Does the prime minister understand the damage he is doing?"

Mr Johnson said: "There is simply no way that I can comment on the investigation that he is referencing.

"He talks about the most serious issue before the public today. We have a crisis on the borders of Ukraine.

"What is going on, the UK Government is bringing the west together to have the toughest possible package of sanctions, to deter a reckless and catastrophic invasion."

In a highly unusual move, Starmer condemned the UK government for attacking the Scottish Tory leader.

Douglas Ross was branded a "lightweight" by Jacob Rees-Mogg after saying the PM should quit.

Starmer says Johnson is treating the Union with "utter disdain".

"This was the prime minister who went into hiding for five days after these allegations," begins Mr Starmer before he is interrupted by the Speaker.

Mr Starmer continued: "His defence continiually is to wait for the report. He said he would place a full copy of the report in the Commons. Can he confirm he will?"

Mr Johnson said: "We have to leave the report in the hands of the investigators. When I receive it, I will do what I said.

"We need to continue to focus on the issues that matter to all of us."

The Labour leader said: "The public have made up their minds. They know he is not up to the job. 

"How much damage are the Cabinet prepared to do to save his skin?"

Mr Johnson said: "We are fixing social care which Governments have neglected for decades.

"They have no plan to fix the NHS or social care."

Mr Starmer responded: "Everyday his Cabinet don't speak out, they become more and more complicit.

"This is all happen while petrol prices are going through the roof. Instead of getting on with their jobs, ministers are wheeled out to save his."

The prime minister said: "We love this country and are doing everything we can to help this country.

"Of course he wants me out of the way. He knows that this Government can be trusted to deliver. 

"We delivered on Brexit. We delivered the fastest vaccine rollout in Europe.

"The problem with the Labour party today is he is a lawyer not a leader."

The National Wales: SNP Westminster Leader, Ian BlackfordSNP Westminster Leader, Ian Blackford

Ian Blackford, the SNP's Westminster leader, said: "At the heart of this matter, we have a prime minister who is being investigated by the police for breaking his own laws.

"A man who demeans the office of prime minister. Every moment he stays he is dragging out the agony for families who are reminded of the sacrifices they made.

"When will he go?"

The prime minister said: "He made the same point last week. He was wrong then, and is wrong now.

"I have absolutely no intention of doing what he suggests."

Mr Blackford responded: "He is sucking attention from the real issues facing the public.

"Tory cuts, Brexit, and the soaring cost of living. This is nothing short of a crisis.

"The only route out is for the prime minister to go. How much longer will Tory MPs let this go on for."

Mr Johnson replied: "What I will say is we cooperate well behind the scenes, and I want to continue to do so."

Mr Johnson then seemed to respond with a personal attack on Mr Blackford, asking who had "eaten more cake".

He clarified that he has respect for the SNP MP.

Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle said: "My constituents think he lied. I would prefer to be lead by a lawyer than a liar. Will he now resign?"

The Speaker tells him to withdraw the remark, which he does.

Boris Johnson says: "He plainly doesn't know what he is talking about. This Government is going to get on with the job and deliver for the people of this country."

Shreyll Murray, Tory MP, says the prime minister was voted in to get Brexit done and "was succesful".

"He has now lifted Covid restrictions and has got the economy back on track," she continued.

"Will he continue to deliver on the priorities of my constituents?"

Mr Johnson said: "I can't improve on that question. The people of South East Cornwall are lucky to have such a representative."

Rushanara Ali, MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, said: "Threats and intimidation, bribery and blackmail, racism and Islamophobia. That is the character of this Government.

"Instead of writing off loans to fraudsters, why won't he write his resignation to the Queen?"

Mr Johnson replied: "Look at the modern Conservative party. We are the party of hope across this country, irrespective of race or religion."