With St Dwynwen's Day having been celebrated this week, it's not always chocolate, cards and lovespoons. 

A debate was sparked on the social networking platform, TikTok, in recent days about relationship boundaries.

A woman had secretly filmed her husband scrolling through pictures of other women on his mobile phone and posted it online where it went viral.

While many TikTok users found the shared video amusing, some were outraged and others insisted the husband was doing nothing wrong by simply looking. This subsequently opened up a debate on the platform over whether or not it is appropriate to look at other people's so-called 'thirst trap' findings, (a deliberately posted content on a provocative nature to encourage response), while in a relationship.

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As Covid-19 restrictions began to ease in 2020, a YouGov survey conducted in the October of that year revealed that 51 percent of the 2,162 adults that took part claimed the coronavirus and lockdown had hit their relationships hard. 

According to financial market analysts NimbleFins, the average divorce rate based on all marriages prior to 2020, (from 1964 to 2019), in England and Wales, stood at 33.3 percent. In 2019, there were 108,421 divorces in England and Wales.

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The relationship counselling charity, Relate, says people 'cheat' for many reasons - a disconnection as they drift apart, an imbalance in the relationship where in some cases one adult can feel a bit like an parent to the other adult's child and also a feeling of simply feeling unloved.

The Office for National Statistics publishes divorce figures for Wales with the latest release expected shortly.

You can visit the Relate website here