Some people say that school days are the happiest days of our lives. But can the same be said in the middle of a deadly pandemic? 

Ysgol Ni: Y Moelwyn is a new S4C series which starts tomorrow night (Tuesday January 18), and gives the audience the opportunity to be a fly on the wall in turbulent and unprecedented times at a school in Blaenau Ffestiniog. 

The town lies in the heart of the Eryri mountains, and is a very close-knit community. The school has little more than 300 pupils, meaning everyone knows everyone - seeing both the best and the worst of each other.

The National Wales: Enfys and Chloe are pupils at Ysgol y MoelwynEnfys and Chloe are pupils at Ysgol y Moelwyn

The headteacher of Ysgol y Moelwyn, Mrs Eleri Moss, said: "We are here to work with the children to be the best they can be. Many parents have called the school the light in the storm.” Mrs Moss has been Deputy Headteacher at the school for many years and has been head since January 2022.

The cameras began filming in February 2021, just as Mrs Moss prepared to open the doors after lockdown. Mrs Moss said: "The school was just a building without them. It was empty, it was quiet and it was so nice to welcome them back.”

"We're not trained to teach through a screen. The news says, 'the children are fine, they're being educated through a laptop.' But it's not as good as the education we can offer in the school.”

The National Wales: Tom and Osian Aled flank Mr Daniel Bell AKA Dan, Ysgol y Moelwyn's Inclusion and Family OfficerTom and Osian Aled flank Mr Daniel Bell AKA Dan, Ysgol y Moelwyn's Inclusion and Family Officer

One key member of staff, Mr Daniel Bell - the school's Inclusion and Family Officer, has an office, not a classroom. Anyone is welcome to call in at anytime.

Mr Bell said: "Everyone in Blaenau knows me as Dan: the children of Blaenau, the adults of Blaenau and all the staff – to them, I'm Dan. And I think we’re just about getting an idea of the problems this pandemic has caused. Referals to the school counselor and social services have gone through the roof in the last six months, but I feel that's just scratching the surface.”

In the first episode of six, we get to know some of the school's most loved characters and get a glimpse of what life was like before, during and after the lockdown.


We meet Osian Aled, Year 9, who enjoys concentrating on communicating with the young ladies in his life more than his science lessons.

We see Isabelle from Year 7, who loves learning and always aspires to be the best, being supported to overcome her anxiety. We also get to know Chloe and Enfys - the lifelong friends, now reunited to face life's challenges together, after a difficult time apart.

The National Wales: Isabelle and Dyfrig are friends and pupils at Ysgol Y MoelwynIsabelle and Dyfrig are friends and pupils at Ysgol Y Moelwyn

Ysgol Ni: Y Moelwyn portrays school life during the most challenging period of 21st century life so far, and is an opportunity to see how the people of Blaenau Ffestiniog dealt with the legacy of a lockdown.

Ysgol Ni: Y Moelwyn is being shown on Tuesday January 18 on S4C at 9pm. It is also available on S4C Clic, BBC iPlayer and other platforms. English subtitles are available.

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