Welsh Conservative Senedd members have refused to comment on the ongoing Westminster parties scandal, as pressure on the PM to resign grows.

The National asked the Welsh Conservatives for their thoughts on the developing situation, and whether they believe that the PM should resign, as called for by Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross.

We also asked what they made of the failure by Jacob Rees-Mogg, Conservative House of Commons Leader, to identify Andrew RT-Davies as leader of the Welsh Conservatives in Parliament earlier this week.

The overwhelming majority did not respond. Sam Rowlands, Senedd Member for the north Wales region, responded only to confirm that we would not be commenting.

The National Wales: The Prime Minister has had a bad week, as a flurry of Covid breach allegations had led to falling poll numbers and dwindling party support (Picture: PA Wire)The Prime Minister has had a bad week, as a flurry of Covid breach allegations had led to falling poll numbers and dwindling party support (Picture: PA Wire)

The silence follows a raft of new revelations about apparent Covid rule-breaking behaviour amongst Downing Street’s top ranks, with Number 10 today issuing an apology to the Queen over alleged gatherings on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral last year.

Ministers are accused of breaking lockdown restrictions on nine occasions since the pandemic began, including a “Bring Your Own Booze” garden party allegedly held at Downing Street in May 2020.

During Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, Boris Johnson himself admitted attending the garden party, offering a “heartfelt apology”.


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Senior civil servant Sue Gray has been tasked with investigating the breaches, with some reports suggesting that her report could be published as soon as next week.

In the past hour, The Independent has reported that the embattled PM is allegedly preparing a campaign, nicknamed “Operation Save Big Dog”, to salvage his position.

The plans reportedly include a list of officials prepared to offer their resignations over the scandal, drumming up support from potential leadership challengers, as well as a PR charm offensive highlighting the Prime Minister’s achievements and the “difficult choices posed by the pandemic”.

Speaking to the BBC this week, Welsh Conservatives leader Andrew RT-Davies has offered guarded support for Johnson.

He said yesterday: “Boris Johnson, like any other leader, has to look himself in the mirror and say 'can I maintain that confidence to carry on as leader?’

The National Wales: Sue Gray, a senior civil servant, is investigating the alleged lockdown breaches in Westminster. (Picture: PA Wire)Sue Gray, a senior civil servant, is investigating the alleged lockdown breaches in Westminster. (Picture: PA Wire)

"At the moment, he certainly enjoys the confidence that I can give him from my position as leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the Welsh Parliament.

"But I am waiting now to see what the review has to say, and I should hope that many other people wait for that review to report and ultimately come up with a conclusion."

Asked about the situation by BBC Wales again this afternoon, Mr RT-Davies added: “What increasing numbers of the Conservative Party are calling for obviously is for the Gray report to come forward so all the evidence can be considered.

“The Prime Minister has said he will go before the House of Commons, and it’s important that he can command a majority in the House of Commons.

“If he can’t command that majority and wrongdoing has been found, then obviously the inevitable consequences flow from that.”


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Like the rest of his party in Wales, Mr RT-Davies did not respond to The National’s enquiries, but his recent social media activity offers some small clues on his position.

Earlier today, the South Wales Central MS “favourited” two tweets implying that calls for the PM’s resignation may be part of a plot to stop Brexit.

Both feature a screenshot of a tweet by Labour life peer Andrew Adonis, which reads: “If Boris goes, Brexit goes”.

One, from Workington MP Mark Jenkinson, advises “be careful what you wish for”, while the other, from Westminster’s Northern Ireland Minister Conor Burns, reads: “There is the agenda”.

The National Wales:

The National Wales:

The Welsh Conservatives today have largely focussed their ire on the Welsh Government’s recent Covid restrictions, which are set to be relaxed over the coming weeks.

James Evans MS commented this morning: “Drakeford and his Government played politics with the people of [Wales’s] lives & livelihoods and it has backfired.

“Businesses and people have suffered mentally, physically and financially.

“The people of Wales won’t forget.”

Mr RT-Davies meanwhile called the Alert Level 2 restrictions “cruel and unnecessary.”

This afternoon, First Minister Mark Drakeford announced that restrictions on outdoor activity would be lifted tomorrow.

Asked about the possibility of lockdown breaches in Welsh Government buildings, Mr Drakeford said he was “not aware of any parties or anything of that sort,” adding that he would “take a very dim view” if that were to be the case.

However, four senior members of the Welsh Labour and Conservative parties – Alun Davies, Paul Davies, Nick Ramsay and Darren Millar - were found to have been drinking alcohol in the Senedd tearoom in December 2020, just days after a lockdown ban on selling alcohol came into force.

Alun Davies was suspended from the Senedd Labour group, while Paul Davies resigned as leader of the Welsh Conservatives over the row.

Further controversy was stirred when Cardiff Council attempted to penalise the catering worker that served the drinks.

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