PEOPLE in Wales are being urged to think about Swiss cheese as a form of protection against coronavirus. 

A video produced by the Welsh Government is using the cheese, famous for having holes in it, as a visualisation for how people can take a series of simple measures to keep themselves safe. 

It shows how steps from being vaccinated and wearing a mask to reducing contacts such as by working from home can help build a defence even though none offers complete protection. 

Instead the message highlights that taken together the seven steps outlined can form a protective layer. 

The video states: “You can stay safe from coronaviurs by remembering the Swizz cheese approach. 

“There are holes in each slice of cheese, but by putting them together, we get a layered approach that leads to fewer holes.” 


The video has been shared on social media including by the Welsh Government's chief medical officer, Dr Frank Atherton.


The message is that the same is true for the various measures intended to protect against Covid with vaccination described as the “strongest” protection but with a reminder that people can still become infected even if vaccinated though the severity and impact of the infection is likely to be less severe. 

It says each step is important to reducing the risk of getting coronavirus but they are most effective when taken together. 

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