Cymdeithas yr Iaith (The Welsh Language Society) have released a new video which the organisation hopes will encourage people to join its new campaign. 

The animated video outlines Cymdeithas' vision for this Senedd term, which is encapsulated in their 'More than a Million — Welsh Language Citizenship for All' document

The video, created by Cadi Dafydd Jones, follows the stories of fictional individuals who try to live their lives through the medium of Welsh but face barriers in doing so - the cost of Welsh lessons, a lack of Welsh language spaces, the housing crisis and a lack of Welsh-medium apprenticeships are all barriers which the characters face. 


"We know that people face barriers in accessing the language — including geographical, economic, and class barriers — and that these affect certain groups in particular, including deprived communities, migrants and people of colour, said The Chair of Cymdeithas yr Iaith, Mabli Siriol.

"The right structures and policies aren’t in place to ensure that everyone has meaningful access to learn, enjoy and use our national language. This pattern is a matter of social injustice that must be tackled - Welsh language citizenship needs to be extended to everyone," she added.

The National Wales: Mabli Siriol speaks at a Nid yw Cymru ar Werth ("Wales is not for sale") protest on the housing crisis. Photo: Rebecca Wilks)Mabli Siriol speaks at a Nid yw Cymru ar Werth ("Wales is not for sale") protest on the housing crisis. Photo: Rebecca Wilks)

"The other side of this coin is the failure to maintain, support and create Welsh language spaces; it is far too often said that Welsh is not an inclusive language. This results in a perception among Welsh speakers and non-Welsh speakers alike that maintaining spaces—from geographical communities, to workplaces, to events—that are entirely Welsh in language is unacceptable. Therefore, ensuring real access to the language for all is an essential part of the task of increasing the number of spaces where Welsh is the medium of communication.

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"From securing a home for everyone in their community to delivering free Welsh lessons for all, from creating Welsh-medium apprenticeships to increasing the language's presence online, and from creating a thousand Welsh-language spaces to investing in good Welsh-language jobs in all parts of the country — these are some of the things we are calling for as part of 'More than a Million'. The Government has the power to turn this vision into a reality, and we will work over the next few years to ensure that they do so."

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