Plans for the development and activation of Wales’ own spaceport in Eryri National Park were brought to public attention as one of its counterpart spaceports in Cornwall released news of its intent to push on with plans for lift-off next year.

The news comes following new regulations that were laid down in Parliament back in May 2021 in conjunction with the UK Space Agency and Civil Aviation Authority, which effectively gave the green light to the launching of rockets and satellites from Welsh soil for the first time.


Alongside the planned Spaceport Snowdonia at the Llanbedr Airfield in Gwynedd, the other spaceports include five in Scotland - Campbeltown Airport, Glasgow Prestwick Airport, Shetland, Sutherland, and the Western Isles, as well as another spaceport in England based at Cornwall Airport in Newquay.

Whilst sites in the Shetlands, Sutherland, and the Western Isles will have spacecraft taking off vertically, the remaining sites including Eryri will use a horizontal angle to achieve space.

With the benefits to the education sector very much in focus with the conquest of space in the UK, Spaceport Cornwall are looking for a media crew between the ages of 11-16 to help tell the story of the first ever space launch from the UK, scheduled to take place in 2022.

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