I managed to leave Wales this week, as well as these British Isles, and with that comes a fresh perspective.

Travel these days isn't easy and with the Omicron variant, European nations are locking their borders this Christmas and New Year season.

Some nations are heading back into lockdown, with the Netherlands imposing the strictest measures. Non-essential shops, bars, gyms, hairdressers and other public venues are closed until at least 14 January. Two guests per household will be allowed, with four over the holidays.

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Interestingly many British people have not minded this. Instead, British people have been angry at nations like France and Germany. France is not allowing any travel for tourism or business reasons and Germany has mandated that travelers need a negative test and must quarantine for two weeks, regardless of vaccination status.

I never used to mind flying home; I didn't used to pay attention to the fact that I had to cross a border when leaving the airport. Since Covid, I have been reminded that I even when I've left the airport, I have an extra border to cross before I get home and with that comes different entry requirements.

While I was checking I had everything I needed for the nth time, I listened to others in the queue. A family from Dumfries were complaining that people were not taking the restrictions seriously, but also that the UK as whole should not be punished for the actions of England. This got me thinking... I agreed with that assessment. European nations and indeed many across the world have imposed blanket restrictions on all of the UK when in reality, we have different rules across the four nations.

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If the Welsh Government were internationalist, they would be factoring in areas of travel policy. As I have mentioned previously, this Labour government have no ambition. Lacklustre Labour with a peppering of Plaid Cymru protectionism, and Wales will only ever focus on the rules in the nation. If the cases are higher or lower in different nations, policy should reflect that. Other nations should be looking to impose restrictions on us in accordance with our rates as well as the steps we are taking to control the virus.

Within the UK, we defend our devolved government and policies all the time; we should be doing that overseas as well.

Just because Boris Johnson has been dodging COBRA meetings, does not mean that other nations will treat our leaders with the same level of disregard.

However, our leaders are not making their voices known to the world on this important topic. If we want to be a global Wales, it’s about far more than knowing Gareth Bale, Catherine Zeta Jones and Shirley Bassey. It is about knowing what we stand for as a nation.

We have a chance for our Welsh Government to stand up and tell other nations that rules and cases are not the same across the UK nations so please do not treat us as such.

I'm a strong federalist and I believe that we can start laying that groundwork now. Covid is one of the biggest tests of our lifetimes and we have a chance to show what we have done here in Wales, as a way of contributing to the knowledge base about virus control.

If only our Labour government would stop naval gazing, with Plaid Cymru holding Labour's head in place to stop any radical thought on this topic.

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