All four of the seats that the Conservative Party took from Labour in the north of Wales in the 2019 general election could be set to switch back, according to a new poll.

Wrecsam, Vale of Clwyd, Delyn, Clwyd South and Ynys Môn were all won by Tory candidates in 2019, leading to commentators dubbing the result the fall of Labour's Welsh 'red wall'.

It came during an election that saw the Tories make gains in traditional Labour heartlands across the UK.

However, a new poll by YouGov suggests the party are struggling to maintain support in the seats.

In Wales, Wrecsam has seen the biggest swing from the Tories to Labour, from +6 to -9. 

Vale of Clwyd has swung +5 to -8, Delyn from +2 to -6, Clwyd South +3 to -5, and Ynys Môn +5 to 0.

The National Wales: Source: YouGovSource: YouGov

Elsewhere, the Tories' leads across the north of England also appear to be being reined in.

analysis by YouGov suggests the Tories could lose up to 32 'red wall seats' according to its new modelling.

The National Wales: Source: YouGovSource: YouGov

It is not the news the Tories will be wanting to hear as their party conference rolls on Manchester.

It will however be a much-needed fillip for Sir Keir Starmer as he faces challenges within Labour from multiple fronts. 

For Welsh Labour, having won three of the five seats in May's Senedd election, the poll will be interpreted as a further vindication of the Welsh Government's handling of the pandemic.

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