Three Labour MPs are considering defecting to the Conservatives in Westminster.

According to reports in The Daily Mail, the three unnamed MPs have become disillusioned with Sir Keir Starmer's leadership and decided to 'open lines of communication' with Tory whips about switching parties during last week's Labour conference in Brighton.

The Mail says the three are “understood to be in despair at Sir Keir's failure to make inroads into Boris Johnson's opinion poll lead – as well as Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner branding the Conservatives as 'racist' and 'scum’”.

No Labour MP has not 'crossed the floor' to join the Tories since Reg Prentice defected in 1977.

Prentice left Labour after battling with left-wing activists in his constituency

After being elected as a Tory in 1979, he served as a health minister in Margaret Thatcher’s government.

While the MPs have neither been named nor made a final decision, the speculation will come as a blow to Keir Starmer.

Allies of Sir Keir believe he had a ‘good conference’ last week, where he took on the left of his party.

However, with these potential defections coming from the ‘right’ of the party, it will be another front for Sir Keir to monitor.

No Welsh MPs are understood to be considering a defection, however, ‘red wall’ seats in the north of England that may be at risk of falling to the Tories at the next general election may well be the source of further unrest.

While no Labour MPs have defected to the Tories in decades, a number did leave the party during the last parliament over antisemitism, Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, and the party's position on Brexit.

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