Wales is set to become the first nation in the UK to make the teaching of Black, Asian and minority ethnic histories and experiences mandatory in the school curriculum

Subject to final sign-off by the Senedd next month, the Government has added learning about the diversity of communities, in particular the stories of Black, Asian and minority ethnic people, into the new Curriculum for Wales guidance.

The new Curriculum framework is due to be introduced from September 2022, following years of work by teachers and other education professionals in its development.

The radical Curriculum will include six Areas of Learning and Experience. Each Area includes mandatory elements known as ‘Statements of What Matters’, described as the ‘big ideas’ and key principles in each Area.

The new framework also allows individual schools to design their own curriculum and assessment arrangements, as opposed to a ‘one size fits all’ approach to the whole of Wales.

It emphasises outcomes from education that go well beyond just grades and qualifications, encouraging creativity, citizenship, confidence, health and wellbeing.

The National Wales:

Last year, a working group led by Professor Charlotte Williams OBE was formed to improve teaching on Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, including developing new teaching materials and training for teachers and trainee teachers.

Jeremy Miles, minister for education and Welsh language, said: “It is vitally important that our education system equips our young people to understand and respect their own and each other’s histories, cultures and traditions.

“Today’s announcement will help enrich the new curriculum, and therefore teaching in Wales, for years to come.

“The new Curriculum for Wales will empower teachers and education settings to design lessons to inspire their learners to become ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world.

“If we are to progress as a society, we must create an education system which broadens our understanding and knowledge of the many cultures which have built Wales’s, and the world’s, past and present.”

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