The upcoming Reforming Our Union commission will “reach its own conclusions” on Wales’s future within the United Kingdom, the Welsh Government has said.

The remarks were made in response to an open letter by campaign groups this morning, calling on the government to instead establish a commission on independence.

The letter, signed by groups including Cymdeithas yr Iaith (“The Welsh Language Society”), Welsh Football Fans for Independence and former members of the YesCymru central committee, described the Union as “antiquated” and said it was “fast unravelling”.

The National Wales: Campaign groups say the government should develop a vision for a post-independence WalesCampaign groups say the government should develop a vision for a post-independence Wales

“The day is coming soon when our country will achieve its independence,” the letter went on.

“That is increasingly clear for all to see.”

In response, the Welsh Government told The National: “Last May’s election gave this Government a mandate to establish a Constitutional Commission to consider the future of Wales, looking at the reforms needed to empower and benefit Wales.

“It will seek to engage with the people of Wales, particularly those who may not normally engage in these types of processes.

“While the Welsh Government's view remains that Wales’ interests are best served by a strong devolution settlement within a strong UK, the Commission will be an independent one and will reach its own conclusions.”


Mick Antoniw, Counsel General and Minister for the Constitution, added: “I will be making an announcement to the Senedd on the Commission and its terms of reference in the near future.”

The commission was announced back in June, as part of a Welsh Government document outlining its views on the changing state of the Union, and the reforms needed to keep it intact.

The National Wales: Minister for the Constitution Mick Antoniw will provide details on the commission in weeks to comeMinister for the Constitution Mick Antoniw will provide details on the commission in weeks to come

The review emphasised the need for powers to be held “at the most local level possible”, and noted the uneven constitutional settlements granted to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The document also argued for Wales and the other devolved nations to have a greater say in the foreign policy and trade decisions taken by the UK government, given that such decisions impact all nations within the Union.


Welsh Labour has already committed to pursuing the devolution of justice and policing to Wales, as recommended by 2019’s Commission on Justice in Wales.

Harriet Protheroe-Soltani, a Welsh representative on the National Coordinating Group of Momentum, Labour’s left wing campaign group, and a vocal campaigner for Welsh independence, said: “It’s right and good that the commission are independent and have all options on the table.

“But the looming question is: if the outcome of the commission favours independence, at what point will the Welsh Government commission modelling and research into how they would implement an independent state?”

Protheroe-Soltani will be discussing “radical Welsh independence” this evening alongside Cynon Valley MP Beth Winters and Welsh author Rhian E Jones, at popular left-wing “festival of ideas” The World Transformed, which runs alongside the Labour conference.

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