That Hansh video is still up and has been viewed over 18,000 times on Twitter, with the vast majority of comments criticising it.

Most decent people don't find revenge porn, harassment, personal and physical threats, having social services called on your kids and constant anti-LGBT harassment funny.

If the only Welsh language channel is not fit for purpose, what can we do?

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In the best case, this is a failure of S4C’s poor attempts to rewrite its commitments to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. In the not-so-distant past, it was proud to report the recruitment of their first Equality, Diversity and Inclusion officer.

While the channel can report their mocking of life changing and threatening situations as legal, they have failed under the Equality Act 2010 to protect minorities.

This is not an isolated case.

In 2012, S4C had complaints of alleged racism and sexism following a broadcast of the Young Farmers' National Eisteddfod after a sketch showed two members of the Eisteddfod impersonating Chinese men.

The farming group claimed it was "innocent fun" and apologised. It is clear that white, Welsh speaking Wales feels it can hide behind issues by branding them as comedy, but more and more, Wales is not laughing.

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Some of us suffer every day due to the discrimination perpetuated by S4C, from the lack of diversity within its shows, to being told that certain hairstyles are messy. The channel seems to go out of its way to find diverse people to showcase but will rarely treat us equally.

We are there to check a box, nothing more.

As young people become more aware of equality, diversity and inclusion due to the media we consume and our experiences, we are turning away from S4C.

We are becoming more selective with what we consume in terms of media, as well as Welsh language media. The trouble is that there is not much choice in terms of Welsh language televised media.

This could have impacts upon the language down the line, in terms of how we use it, who we use it with and how it evolves.

Moreover, the majority of those mocked in the DJ Bry skit were young people who were trying to make a change in Wales. We should be a nation looking to inspire our young people to be the change they want to see.

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We need to live by and act upon the idea that here in Wales, young people matter. Their hopes and dreams can materialise if we take them seriously.

S4C has decided to turn its back on that, setting a dangerous precedent.

Our Wales is a nation for everyone and while some would wrongly believe otherwise, discrimination is a weapon used by the political left as well as the political right.

So what can we do?

S4C needs to learn from its mistakes.

Apologising is a great first step but it does not end there. It is clear that S4C does not understand diversity and so it should be ensuring that it interacts with us all, regardless of ability, ethnicity, race, age and socio economic background.

Only then will S4C understand how to appeal to a modern Wales.

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