S4C has defended a satirical video that attempted to make light of the recent troubles within independence group YesCymru.

The video features the popular satirical character "DJ Bry", the alter ego of Huw Bryant, a freelance sound recordist and DJ.

While he does not mention any individual by name, the video, shared on the Hansh Twitter and Facebook page, refers to comments made on Twitter in relation to YesCymru’s recent troubles, referencing social services and revenge porn.

Former members of the YesCymru central committee, who recently resigned en masse, have claimed that they have been subject to targeted harassment online and some of this harassment has spilt over into the real world.

The National understands police are currently investigating a number of cases.

DJ Bry's videos have proved hugely popular particularly on Facebook where they have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

In a statement, S4C said: “This was comedy in Bry’s inimitable style, It wasn’t comedy that targeted any individual or group, but a satire of the current state of Yes Cymru as a movement.

"S4C are happy that the video is completely legal”.

Regardless of its legality, questions have been raised about the video, with claims that it has further perpetuated abuse towards an already marginalised group of people.

The video has been viewed over 18,000 times on Twitter, with the vast majority of comments criticising it.

Many other responses have asked for it to be deleted.

One tweet read: "Honestly Wales, Welsh people, but most of ALL Welsh platforms like Hansh and S4C need to do better.

"Their lack of representation and their disregard of problems of people who don’t fit into the Welsh White middle class is inexcusable."

Another, in response to a defence of the video, read: "I dunno, maybe decent people don't find revenge porn, harassment, personal and physical threats, having social services called on your kids and constant anti-LGBT harassment funny."

The video originally appeared as part of a longer video published on Facebook on August 18 and has been viewed 12,000 times. 

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