Welsh Government must follow the UK government's lead and rule out vaccine passports, opposition parties have said.

Yesterday, the UK government said it would not be following through with plans to introduce mandatory vaccine passports. 

In Scotland, people will require proof they have been fully vaccinated before they can enter nightclubs and many large events from October 1.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are now calling on first minister Mark Drakeford to rule out the use of Covid passports in Wales.

The party's leader in Wales, Jane Dodds, said: “Mark Drakeford must rule out Covid passports in Wales and give citizens and businesses clarity.

“While I understand many people want to get back to a sense of normality, we need to be careful about the precedent they set.

"A vaccine ID card is an inherent violation of any Welsh citizen’s right to privacy and a sign of government overreach.

“If the system was introduced in Wales, it would be the first time ever that citizens would be asked to provide private medical data to a stranger, who is not their clinician, if they want to enjoy access to venues and services in our society.

“Vaccine passports would also hurt businesses. People who run pubs, clubs and large events who are already working hard to rebuild businesses after the pandemic will be at the sharp end of COVID passports."

Last week, Mr Drakeford said there are practical and ethical issues that need to be considered in relation to vaccine certification.

While once again not ruling them out, he did confirm his Government will not introduce them in "any setting where people need to go".

However, he added: “Where people gather voluntarily ... given the numbers we are seeing in Wales today, it would not be responsible for the cabinet not to look at that as an option."

The Welsh Conservatives are calling on the Government to make it clear to people what its plans are.

The Conservatives have previously said they would oppose any such scheme in Wales.

The party's shadow health minister, Russell George, said: “Not only is Wales the only part of Great Britain that will not have a Covid inquiry, it is the only part yet to be told whether or not they’ll be subject to draconian vaccine passports, further limiting the freedoms of citizens and harming businesses’ ability to operate efficiently.

“Over the last 18 months, Labour ministers have always been playing catch-up, and it’s time they come clean now on their plans for vaccine passports in Wales as they should not be allowed to spring this on customers and businesses with little to no notice.

“I also call on the Welsh Government to ensure that, should they choose to bring them forward, that the proposals are put to a vote in the Senedd prior to any proposed introduction and that the full details are given to members.

“We will all be interested to see too if the First Minister and Sir Keir Starmer are on the same page when it comes to vaccine passports.”

Mr Drakeford and his Government have several different routes to vaccine certification.

They can either scrap any plans to introduce them as in England or bring them into law in Scotland. 

A third option would be somewhere in the middle, as laid out by Mr Drakeford last week. Either way, people continue to wait for clarity and a decision.

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