Podcasts are now one of the fastest-growing mediums for everything from music to sport, news to history. 

As they have exploded worldwide, so they have in Wales where there is a blossoming podcast scene. 

Welsh podcasts range from those like Shreds that are the gold standard in true crime to amateur hobby projects that cover niche topics.

Here, we compile 12 favourites, as recommended by our readers. 

The National Wales:

The gold standard for podcasting, not just in Wales, but everywhere. Ceri Dawn Jackson takes us through the history of one of Wales' worst miscarriages of justice. A prologue and 12 episodes take you through the sorry episode in Cardiff and Wales' history, with eyewitness accounts and a delicacy perhaps only Jackson could deliver. 

The National Wales:

The boys at Hiraeth have quickly made their podcast essential listening for anybody with even a remote interest in Welsh politics. Regular guests pick up on a subject during each episode, and the pod treats Welsh politics with the maturity it deserves. The only Welsh pod to make it onto the list of Iain Dale's Top 50 Political Podcasts.

Socially Distanced Sports Bar

The National Wales:

Need we comment on this? Since launching at the start of lockdown last year, the Socially Distanced Sports Bar has become the cult podcast in Wales and far beyond. A lot of people will now ask "what did we do before we had got to intimately know Elis James, Mike Bubbins and Steff Garrero each Tuesday?" Love sport? You'll love this. Hate sport? It doesn't matter. We love sport.

Ysbeidiau Heulog
The National Wales:

Ysbeidiau Heulog, or Sunny Intervals in English, is a super fury animals song. Just as the iconic Welsh band have come to serve as escapism for so many, so to Llwyd Owen and Leigh Jones' podcast act as an illustrator of the little things that make a big difference to us all. Episodes with Gryff Rhys, Esyllt Sears and Elis James you can listen to more than once, and then again.

Welsh Political Icons
The National Wales:

Welsh Political Icons is essential listening for anybody interested in the personalities behind Welsh history. From David Lloyd George to Leanne Wood, and pretty much everything in-between, the series is simple in its approach and epic in its delivery.  

Watts Occurring
The National Wales:

Anybody who has ever listened to or watched a Geraint Thomas interview will know the cycling legend exudes character and humour. So what better way to stay in touch with cycling than be listening to hours Thomas and fellow Welsh rider Luke Rowe. It's fly on the wall stuff. It's excellent.

Alternative Wales
The National Wales:

Alternative Wales has become the voice of the counter-culture community that has grown around Welsh football, from the domestic game to women’s and men’s senior sides. Alternative releases four fanzines every year, but their podcast is weekly. Launched in audio in April, if you've been to shout on your local club, this pod may well make you want to.

The National Wales:

Felicity Evans and James Williams talking Welsh politics in a dynamic and digestible way. What's not to love? With the coming Senedd term, if you haven't listened to WalesCast, there's no better time. Over the summer, the duo has taken deeper dive into the lives of prominent Welsh political figures. The Julie James and Kirsty Williams episodes are a must.

Podcast Pêl-droed
The National Wales:

Such is the energy within the Welsh football community, this list has two Welsh football podcasts. Podcast Pêl-droed is dedicated to the national team. If you're the kind of person who gets caught up in the furore as the momentum builds in the Wales camp, you're gonna want this one in your ears on your run, on your commute or just around the house. 

Attacking Scrum
The National Wales:

Could we have a Welsh podcast lineup without a rugby pod? Attacking scrum has been going since 2016 and its longevity is only matched by its quality. Episode after episode of Welsh rugby coverage. As the new Welsh rugby season kicks off, you may well want to add this to your list. 

Esgusodwch fi?
The National Wales:

Iestyn Wyn & Meilir Rhys Williams celebrate Wales' LGBTQ+ community in this corker from BBC Cymru Fyw. Esgusodwch fi? (Excuse me?), is a 12-part series that invites familiar faces to share their personal opinions and experiences on identity and its relationship with current affairs.

Welsh History Podcast
The National Wales:

Jonathan Williams' Welsh History Podcast is an absolute find. The story of Wales from the early stone age to the present day, we guarantee it will throw up gems even the dustiest history teacher isn't aware of. Methodical in its scope and comprehensive in its delivery, if history is your thing, you'll find yourself listening to episode after episode.

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