You may have seen his work popping up on your social media feeds, or even caught his short animated film on Capel Celyn.

If you have, you'll be hard pushed not to be impressed.

Osian Roberts, from Llannerch-y-medd on Ynys Môn, is putting his skills and experience in design, illustration and animation to raise awareness of issues impacting Wales, past and present.

The 22-year-old artist and animator has recently produced a series of illustrations on Wales' housing crisis. It is a venture he feels can contribute to Wales' conversations about our present, past and future.

"The main inspiration behind my work is history and politics and much of it is centred around Welsh culture and politics," Osian told The National.

"I like to work in an abstract cartoon style in animation and illustration and I want to raise awareness of real-world issues."

The majority of Osian's work is produced through the medium of Welsh, and he believes it can make Wales' history more accessible.

"Illustration can be an accessible way to share stories or bits of history and the majority of my recent work has been created digitally," Osian continued.

"I also work in sketchbooks all the time, something that was instilled into me during my foundation year at Bangor University.

"As for making animation, I tend to work using a mixture of digital and traditional mediums.

"Usually, I work on paper at the beginning and as the process moves on, it becomes more and more digital."

The National Wales: Osian's storyboard for Tryweryn.Osian's storyboard for Tryweryn.

Osian's largest project to date is a five-minute short film on Tryweryn and the flooding of Capel Celyn, which he made while at Manchester Metropolitan University.

"It took me around eight months to make the film and I decided to create it because I felt there wasn't enough animation that explores Welsh history.

"Capel Celyn's story is a very important moment in Welsh history. Although most of us are familiar with the words 'Cofiwch Dryweryn', it's vital that we remember that these are not just words.

"They're much more than that. They tell a story that is so significant to our history as a country."

You can watch Osian's film 'Tryweryn' with English subtitles here.

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