The chair of the Wales Oversea Agencies Group has hit out at Tory MS Russel George over his comments about Namibia. 

Earlier today, Mr George said he was concerned that the Government was sending £7.2million worth of personal protective equipment to Namibia.

Mr George described Namibia as "besieged by corruption", despite the country having one of Africa's best records on corruption.

Now, Claire O'Shea, chair of the Wales Overseas Agencies Group, a collection of Wales-based international development organisations, has accused Mr George of parroting "lazy and unfounded tropes".

Ms O'Shea said: "As a member of the United Kingdom, Wales has chosen to act in solidarity with those in need of support. 

"Today's news is something that we, in Wales, can be proud of. To play a role in supporting global efforts against COVID-19 will bring about safety for everyone.

"Being in a position to be confident of future supplies of personal protective equipment should be celebrated. Sadly, this isn't a position many people around the world share. 

"It is therefore disappointing to hear and read comments that parrot lazy and unfounded tropes of corruption against our partners in Namibia.

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"Namibia ranks as one of the least corrupt countries in the entire continent of Africa and less corrupt than Greece and four other EU member states. 

"While being a globally responsible nation means that our national pursuit for social and environmental justice may start at home, it doesn't end there.

"For over a year, we have been bombarded with evidence of the interconnectedness of our world as the pandemic took hold and raged across us all.

"The public health emergency from Covid-19 may have subsided here but it is not over until it is over everywhere. That is why we must continue to work in solidarity with our partners across the world." 

Welsh Labour has also responded by saying: "More reactionary bile from the Tories in Wales.

"We have a proud history of mutual aid across nations."

The shipment of "unneeded" PPE is organised by the Government in partnership with Cardiff University's Phoenix Project, which works with agencies in Namibia on health promotion, poverty reduction and environmental projects.

It is understood the equipment will be shipped free of charge by Maersk UK during the week beginning August 30 and will arrive in Namibia around 20 days later.

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