It's fair to say Team GB and it's Welsh athletes have had a good games to date.

We have delivered medals in swimming, sailing, rowing and cyling, and we are guarenteed another in boxing.

Of course, Welsh athletes are part of the highly successful British Olympic programme, but some believe we should go it alone - as we do in football, rugby, and in the Commonwealth Games. 

So where would we rank if we were an independent Olympic nation?

Wales has so far won eight medals in total, with a further medal guaranteed.

Of the eight medals already won, four were shared in team events - the men's eight rowing and the men's 2x200m swimming relay. 

That means Welsh athletes are guaranteed medals in seven events, not bad for a country with less than four million inhabitants. 

Of the seven, two are gold, three are silver and one is bronze, with the colour of Lauren Price's medal to be decided on the weekend. 

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Wales' Olympic medallists so far:
Lauren Williams | Taekwondo - silver 
Josh Bugajski | Rowing, men's eight - bronze
Oliver Wynne-Griffith | Rowing, men's eight - bronze
Tom Barras | Rowing, quadruple sculls - silver
Hannah Mills | Sailing, 470 - gold
Elinor Barker | Cycling, team pursuit - silver
Calum Jarvis | Swimming, men's 4x200m freestyle relay - gold
Matt Richards | Swimming, men's 4x200m freestyle relay - gold 
*Lauren Price | Boxing, 75kg | guaranteed bronze but could win gold


Lofty results in major company

That total of seven medals led with two golds theoretically puts Wales high up in the overall medal table. 

If an independent Wales was to win the same number, they would sit in 24th place, ahead of Denmark who have also won seven medals. 

While that puts Wales well short of the Olympic's big hitters, it does put us ahead of some pretty big countries. 

In 24th, we would be ahead of major olympic players such as Jamaica and Kenya, while we would also be well ahead of larger nations such as India, Spain, Nigeria, Mexico and Turkey.

Of course, all this carries some rather large caveats. Our athletes are part of Team GB's Olympic programme, one of the finest on the planet, and backed by National Lottery funding. 

Also, medals in the rowing, sailing and swimming have been won as part of a team, further complicating our calculation. 

Still, it's not a bad showing from little old Wales. Then again, we always do punch above our weight in the sporting area. 

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