A farmer who has seen cars crashing off one of north Wales busiest roads onto his property has warned someone will die unless authorities take action.

Kevin Peacock who farms near Ruthin has collected terrifying video evidence from CCTV at his house showing cars careening off the A494 and coming close to crashing into his house.

There have been three crashes at his property in the last year alone.

The frightening incidents of cars leaving the main road at speed have prompted calls for additional safety measures from Plaid Cymru's North Wales MS Llyr Gruffydd.

He made his call after visiting Mr Peacock's Pandy'r Capel farm, whose land  at Llais yr Afon lies below the A494 road between Corwen and Ruthin.

In recent months cars have left the main road, crashing through the hedge and coming down into the farm at terrifying speed.

The incidents in November, February and March saw cars travelling at speed leave the road and hurtle down the farm drive before coming to a stop on Mr Peacock's property.


In two cases, they have been captured on the farm's CCTV, with one car going over onto its roof in one late-night incident.

Mr Peacock said: "This is the third incident in three months. 

"I am truly concerned for my family's safety as these cars come down onto our driveway at such speed.

"I've asked for the Welsh Government, which is responsible for this trunk road, to take action before someone gets killed here.

"Painting 'slow' on the roads has had no impact on speeds - I want to see something that will actually make a difference to protect my family."

Llyr Gruffydd MS added: "Some of the drivers are travelling so quickly that it means they are coming through the hedge and down the bank into the farm at terrifying speed. Anyone who happened to be there would stand no chance. 

"I agree with Mr Peacock that there is a real risk to life here. At the very least, barriers need to be installed to prevent that happening and a thorough review is needed to make this stretch of the A494 safer for local residents and other road users.

"That's why I'm inviting the minister for transport to visit the site and to review the video footage so that urgent action can be taken."

The Welsh Government has been asked to comment.

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