Labour MP Beth Winter has told the Welsh Government that Cynon Valley would be the perfect place for a trial of a Universal Basic Income.

MS Winter has welcomed the decision by First Minister Mark Drakeford to run a UBI pilot in Wales.

She said her preference would be on all members of an identifiable geographical area being included, with different cohorts of people such as the employed, the unemployed and children included.

Putting her constituency of Cynon Valley forward as a potential option, Winter said: “The existing welfare benefits system is completely failing the people of the Cynon Valley.

“Food bank use is ballooning and earlier this month we saw upsetting new evidence that the child poverty rate in Cynon is now a massive 34.5 per cent. This figure is higher again in some parts of the Valley.

“It is time for radical change that puts the wellbeing of people first and provides a real safety net. Universal Basic Income has the potential to do just that, so a well-designed pilot is the crucial next step towards a fairer future.”


Last week, a spokesperson for the Government told The National it is interested in developing a version potentially involving people leaving care, with provisional scoping work already underway.

However, campaigners have said that a trial should involve a broad range of people and potentially include a range of different areas in Wales.

Gwynedd Council has already called on the Government to work with it on UBI, while Cardiff, Swansea and Rhondda Cynon Taf Councils have also expressed an interest.

Groups such as UBI Lab Cymru, who have campaigned for a UBI pilot in Wales for years, say it is an opportunity for the Welsh government to be world leading in its approach to a trial.

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