Cymdeithas yr Iaith (the Welsh Language Society) has called on the powers to set S4C's budget to be devolved to the Senedd.

The UK government is currently in the process of deciding on S4C's financial settlement for the period of 2022 to 2027, a decision it holds as broadcasting has not been devolved.

The society has said "this is the last time the responsibility [for S4C] should be in the UK Government’s hands".

It has written to the UK government’s minister for media and data, John Whittingdale, calling for broadcasting powers to be transferred to Wales to ensure a fair financial settlement for the channel.

The letter points to a 36 per cent real terms budget cut for S4C each year since 2010.

The chair of the society’s digital group, Elfed Wyn Jones, said: "S4C deserves much more than crumbs from the Westminster government.

“It deserves a fair financial settlement that recognises the linguistic and cultural contribution that it makes, and a settlement that enables the channel’s continued success.

“This is the last time that S4C should have to beg the Department for Culture Media and Sport for a fair financial settlement every 5 years.


"The only way we can ensure a fair financial settlement for S4C in the long term is by transferring broadcasting powers to Wales.

“Cross-party consensus exists in Wales in favour of devolving S4C and broadcasting powers to Wales, following the publication of the culture committee's report on the issue in March.

“Not only this, but 65 per cent of the people of Wales support the transfer of broadcasting powers to Wales.

“The Westminster Government should respect the wishes of the people of Wales and allow us to decide S4C's financial settlement, as well as broadcasting policy as a whole, for ourselves."

In March, a Senedd committee recommended that funding and regulation of broadcasting must be devolved to Wales if it is to properly serve and represent the country.

It examined decisions around the funding of licence fee-funded public service broadcasters like BBC Wales, S4C and ITV Wales, and discussed commercial radio licences with the aim of finding out how the Welsh Government can better support journalism in Wales.

The report set out a total of ten recommendations, including devolving powers over S4C and other public service Welsh language broadcasting matters.

The current UK government has shown little appetite for further devolution of powers over areas such as broadcasting and justice.

A report carried out earlier this year by Lord Dunlop found said the prime minister must demonstrate he is committed to devolution if there is to be any chance of a strong and collaborative relationship between Westminster and the devolved governments.