A Welsh MP has warned the UK Government's 'levelling up' agenda aims to pit politicians in Wales against one another.

Wayne David, Labour’s MP for Caerphilly, believes the fact that areas like Caerphilly and Bridgend have been left out, despite having some of the poorest areas in the UK, proves the UK Government has a hidden agenda.

Yesterday, Welsh Secretary Simon Hart laid out the UK Government’s ‘Plan for Wales’, but not all areas in Wales have been included in the UK Community Renewal Fund -  which is aimed at supporting people and communities most in need across the UK.

Mr David told The National: “My concern is that the document is essentially an English perspective which has been trimmed for a Welsh audience.

“It's a crude political attempt to undermine devolution, it is as simple as that. They started that game before the recent elections and they seem intent on continuing it.

“What they should be doing is recognising devolution, and they should be working with the Welsh Government to deliver for communities in Wales.”

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David says his concerns go beyond party politics. His Caerphilly constituency has one of the poorest council wards in Wales in St James, which contains the Lansbury Park estate.

He has made representation alongside the constituency’s MS and local authority about Caerphilly’s lack of representation in the UK Government’s plans, but says it continues to be excluded.

“They are deliberately ignoring the most deprived parts of Wales, said the Caerphiily MP.

“It's beyond belief that places like the top end of the Rhymney Valley, places like Bargoed, Fochriw and Deri, some of the most deprived areas in the UK, are being wilfully excluded from consideration.

“The importance of that fund is it is the precursor for replacing EU structural funds.

“My concern is many parts of Wales will be left behind. The Welsh Government will continue to do what it can, but the UK Government who control the purse strings, will not.”

Yesterday, Welsh Secretary Simon Hart said the UK Government is ready to “work with – not in competition against – decision makers in Wales”.

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Plaid Cymru has also voiced concerns, with Liz Saville Roberts, MP for Dwyfor Meirionnydd calling  plans ‘pork barrel politics at its worst’. It's a sentiment Wayne David shares.

“What they are seeking to do is not just undermine the Senedd as an institution, but undermine the status that MSs should have.

With MP’s being asked to nominate projects in their constituencies, David believes that the intention of the UK Government is to set MPs against one another, against Senedd Members, and against local authorities:

“Devolution means working together, that idea of partnership is fundamental, I believe Westminster and Cardiff Bay should work together, it is fundamental in taking the country forward.”

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